Orloff et l’homme invisible (1971)

France, Spain, 1971
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.66:1

A Spanish/French horror film directed by Pierre Chevalier.

Plot Summary

A doctor is called to the castle of the reclusive Professor Orloff. There, he finds himself caught up in the Orloff’s experiments in invisibility.


Directed by: Pierre Chevalier
Eurocine presents. Célia Films Paris, Producciones Mezquíriz Madrid
Produced by: Marius Lesoeur
Original Screenplay by: Pierre Chevalier
Script [Supervisor]: France Villon
Director of Photography: Raymond Heil
Editors: Albert G. Nicolau [real name: Albert Gasset Nicolau], Fernande Pineau
Color by: Laboratoires Eclair
Music by: Camille Sauvage
Make-Up: Dolores García Rey
Special Effects: Juan Fortuny and Procédé Kinotechnique
Assistant Decorateur: Daniel Lesoeur

Howard Vernon (Professeur Orloff)
Brigitte Carva (Cécile Orloff)
Fernand Sancho (keeper)
Francis Valladares [real name: Paco Valladares] (Docteur Garondet)
Isabel del Río (Marie)
Evane Hanska (servant)
Arlette Balkis
May Chartrette
Christian Forges
Eugène Berthier (old servant)

Alternative Titles

Dr Orloff’s Invisible Monster – US title
Love Life of the Invisible Man – US title
La morte invisibile – Italian title
Le notti erotiche dell’uomo invisibile – Italian title
Orloff Against the Invisible Man – US title
Orloff and the Invisible Man – UK title
Orloff y el hombre invisible – Spanish title
Das Schreckenshaus des Dr Orloff – German DVD title
Secret Love Life of the Invisible Man – Canadian title
The Invisible Dead – UK title
Der Unsichtbare Tod – West German video title
la Vie amoureuse de l’homme invisible – French title

Extracts included in
Zombiethon (1986)



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