Orlacs Hände (1924)

Germany, Austria,
92m, 8 reels/2,212 feet (at 16 fps)
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

A German/Austrian horror film directed by Robert Wiene.


Director: Robert Wiene
Production Manager: Karl Ehrlich
Script: Louis Nerz
Novel: Maurice Renard
Directors of Photography: Hans Androschin, Günther Krampf
Music: Henning Lohner [1998 re-issue]
Arranger: Lorne Balfe [1998 re-issue]
Art Directors: Stefan Wessely, Hans Rouc, Karl Exner

Conrad Veidt (Orlac)
Alexandra Sorina (Yvonne Orlac)
Carmen Cartellieri (Regine)
Fritz Kortner (Nera)
Paul Askonas (Diener)
Fritz Strassny (Vater Orlac)

Alternative Titles

The Hands of Orlac – US title
Les Mains d'Orlac – French title
Las manos de Orlac – Spanish title
Die Unheimlichen Hände des Doktor Orlac – German title

Mad Love (1935)
The Hands of Orlac (1960)
Body Parts (1991)



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