One Wish Too Many (1956)

56m, 5054 feet, 1540 metres
35mm film

A British fantasy film directed by John Durst.

Plot Summary

A boy finds a marble which grants .


* = uncredited

Director: John Durst
Realist Film Unit. For the 's Film Foundation
Producer: Basil Wright
Script: John Eldridge
Adaptation: Mary Cathcart Borer
Original story: Norah Pulling
Photography: Adrian Jeakins [real name: A.E. Jeakins]
Editor: Jim Clark
Music: Douglas Gamley
Sound: Terry Cotter, Ken Cameron
Special Effects: Bowie Margutti
Art Director: Bernard Sarron

Anthony Richmond (Peter Brown)
Rosalind Gourgey (Nancy)
John Pike (Ian)
Terry Cooke (Bert)
Gladys Young (Miss Mint)
Sam Costa (Mr Pomfrett)
Bay White (Mrs Brown)
Frank Hayden (Mr Brown)
Arthur Howard (headmaster)
Paddy Joyce (barrow boy)
Jenny Jones *
Lynne Roberts *
Anthony John *
Virginia Mollett *
Francis Lennon *
Janet Ayres *
John Bush *
Janet Hart *
Dennis Mallard *



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