One Step Beyond (1959-1961)

USA, 20 January -October 1961
3 seasons, 96 episodes, average 30m
black and white, 4:3
mono, English

An American horror television series created by Merwin Gerard. All episodes were directed by John Newland.


An anthology of supernatural tales.


Regular Crew
Directed by: John Newland
Created by: Merwin Gerard
ABC Films, Joseph L. Schenck Enterprises
Produced by: Collier Young
Theme Music: Harry Lubin

Regular Cast
hosted by John Newland

Alternative Titles

One Step Beyond


Season One
The Bride Possessed (20 January 1959)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Virginia Leith (Sally Conroy/Karen Wharton); Skip Homeier (Matt Conroy); Harry Townes (Dr Alexander Slawson); Ann Morrison (Mrs Wharton); Janet Hughes (nurse); John Shay (policeman); Frank Richards (George); Duncan McLeod (reception guest)
A honeymooning bride is possessed by the spirit of a murdered woman.

Night of April 14th (27 January 1959)
Written by: Collier Young, Larry Marcus
Cast: Barbara Lord (Grace Montgomery Farley); Isobel Elsom (Mrs Montgomery); Patrick Macnee (Eric Farley); Gavin Gordon (Reverend Morgan); Marjorie Eaton (Miss Parsons); Jeanne Bates (Mrs Teller); John Craven (Harry Teller); Gavin Muir (passenger describing his dream); Francis De Sales (dream-describer's friend); Alan Caillou (steward); Gil Stuart (ship's mate); John Hiestand (drunk); Jack Lynn (ship's mate)
A woman has a nightmare that her fiancé will die by drowning – the next day he announces that they will spend their honeymoon aboard the ocean liner the RMS Titanic….

Emergency Only (3 February 1959)
Written by: Collier Young
Cast: Lin McCarthy (Arthur Douglas); Paula Raymond (passenger); Jocelyn Brando (Ellen Larrabee); William Quinn (doctor); John Maxwell (conductor); Clark Howat (Jim Hennessey); Ross Elliott (Charlie Towne); Donald Kerr (taxi driver); Ann Staunton (Betty Hennessey); Nan Adams (Mrs March); Cameron Grant
A woman is placed in a hypnotic trance at a cocktail party and predicts a fatal train journey for one of her fellow guests.

The Dark Room (10 February 1959)
Written by: Francis Cockrell
Cast: Marcel Dalio (Jean Gabot); Cloris Leachman (Rita Wallace); Paul Dubov (Detective Marsac); Ann Codee (Madame Morel); Ivan Triesault (inspector)
A photographer is attacked by the ghost of a murderer.

Twelve Hours to Live (17 February 1959)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Paul Richards (Will Jansen); Jean Allison (Carol Jansen); Douglas Kennedy (Sgt Cooper); Larrian Gillespie (Debbie Jansen); Lillian Powell (Mrs Ford)
Following a domestic argument a man is injured in a car crash. His wife seems to receive telepathic messages that lead her to him.

Epilogue (24 February 1959)
Written by: Don M. Mankiewicz
Cast: Julie Adams (Helen Archer); Charles Aidman (Carl Archer); Charles Herbert (Steve Archer); William Schallert (Doctor Sanders); Roy Glenn (Sam Harrison); Don Kennedy (Jim)
Recovering alcoholic Carl Archer tries to patch things up with his estranged wife and son only for her to dies when she and the boy are trapped in a collapsing silver mine. Her ghost leads Carl and a rescue party to the boy.

The Dream (3 March 1959)
Written by: John Dunkel
Cast: Reginald Owen (Herbert Blakely); Richard Lupino (Willie Carr); Philip Tonge (the lieutenant); Molly Roden (Ethel Blakely); Eric Snowden (air raid warden); Kendrick Huxham (Charlie); Nelson Welsh (vicar); Jack Lynn (Locky); Peter Gordon (the chemist); Charles Horvath (German soldier); Jean Ransome (woman)
During World War II, lookout Herbert Blakely dreams of his wife being killed during a bombing raid while she dreams of German troops attacking his outpost. Both dreams serves as warnings that save their lives.

Premonition (10 March 1959)
Written by: Paul David
Cast: Pamela Lincoln (Older Lisa Garrick); Paul Langton (Mr Garrick); Beverly Washburn (Lisa Garrick); David Garcia (George); Julie Payne (Louise); Claire Corelli (Marie); Percy Helton (Ed Matthews); Skip Young (Martin); David Whorf (Evan); Maria Riachi (Mrs Wilson); Jeanne Manet (Abby the maid); Thomas B. Henry (Dr Parsons)
Lisa Garrick has a premonition of her own death.

The Dead Part of the House (17 March 1959)
Written by: Michael Plant
Cast: Philip Abbott (Paul Burton); Joanne Linville (Aunt Minna Boswell); Mimi Gibson (Ann Burton); Philip Ahn (Song); Ken Drake (gas man)
Following the death of her mother, a young girl is helped by a haunted nursery and three strange dolls.

The Vision (24 March 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Bruce Gordon (Captain Emil Tremaine); Pernell Roberts (Sgt Vaill); H.M. Wynant (Pvt Lacoste); Peter Miles (Pvt Marsee); Jerry Oddo (Pvt Mollene); Richard Devon (Major La Marre); Jean Del Val (French general); Rene Korper (boy); Will J. White (German officer)
French troops stop fighting and abandon their posts following a vision during World War I.

The Devil's Laughter (31 March 1959)
Written by: Alfred Brenner
Cast: Alfred Ryder (John Marriott); Patrick Westwood (attendant); Ben Wright (executioner); Leslie Denison (chaplain); Lester Matthews (prison governor); Gordon Richards (doctor); Keith McConnell (reporter); Alma Lawton (Liz); John Ainsworth (Will Cooper)
Convicted killer John Marriott proves harder to execute than anyone expected…

The Return of Mitchell Campion (7 April 1959)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Patrick O'Neal (Mitchell Campion); Lilyan Chauvin (Francesca); Richard Angarola (hotel clerk); Anatol Winogradoff (Alexis Paninian); Allegra Varron (Carla the restaurant owner); Vance Howard (Francesca's brother); Robert Hernandez (bellboy); Fred Lerner (ticket agent)
A man visits a small Mediterranean island and finds that everyone else seems to already know him…

The Navigator (14 April 1959)
Written by: Don M. Mankiewicz
Cast: Don Dubbins (First Mate Walter Blake); Robert Ellenstein (Captain Peabody); Don Womack); Joel Fluellen (Cookie); Robert Osterloh (Mr Dibble); Olan Soule (stowaway); Stephen Roberts (Second Mate Swanson)
A stowaway causes a ship to wander off course but refuses to say why.

The Secret (21 April 1959)
Written by: Michael Plant
Cast: Maria Palmer (Sylvia Ackroyd); Robert Douglas (Harrison Ackroyd); Albert Carrier (Jeremy); Molly Glessing (Essie the maid); Robert Shafto (Doctor Werner); A.E. Gould-Porter (private investigator)
An unhappy woman is befriended by a ghost.

The Aerialist (28 April 1959)
Written by: Jack Mills, Larry Marcus
Cast: Michael Connors (Mario Patruzzio); Yvette Vickers (Carlotta Patruzzio); Robert Carricart (Gino Patruzzio); Ruggero Romor (Paul Patruzzio); Penny Santon (Mama Patruzzio); Charles Watts (C.C. Higgins); Vernon Rich (doctor); Mary Patton (nurse); Ray Baker (orderly)
A circus performer is saved from death by an unlikely saviour.

The Burning Girl (5 May 1959)
Written by: Catherine Turney
Cast: Olive Deering (Aunt Mildred Denning); Luana Anders (Alice Denning); Edward Platt (Will Denning); Sandra Knight (Patty Leland); Geraldine Wall (Mrs Leland); Alfred Hopson (Chief Keating); Hampton Fancher (Tim Plunkett); Peter Walker (Dr Wimmer); Phil Arnold (Purdy)
Mysterious fires break out wherever teenager Alice Denning goes.

The Haunted U-Boat (12 May 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Werner Klemperer (Herr Bautmann); Eric Feldary (Captain Eric Kreig); Kort Falkenberg (Lt Freidel); Wesley Lau (Lt Schneider); Norberto Kerner (Hans); Siegfried Speck, Paul Busch, Frank Obershall, Sasha Harden (U-boat crew)
A German U-boat tries to hide from pursuing American and British ships but is constantly revealed to sonar by a mysterious banging sound…

The Image of Death (19 May 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Doris Dowling (Charlotte); Max Adrian (Marquis Jacques De La Roget); John Wengraff (Ernest); Deidre Owens (Rose); Gregory Gay (Father Leon); Guy De Vestal (inspector)
A French nobleman murders his wife and is haunted by her vengeful ghost.

The Captain's Guests (26 May 1959)
Written by: Charles Beaumont
Cast: Robert Webber (Andrew Courtney); Nancy Hadley (Ellen Courtney); Thomas Coley (Bill Oker); Felix Locher (old man); Jon Lormer (Realtor Leach)
A married couple rent an old house that the locals believe is haunted.

Echo (2 June 1959)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Ross Martin (Paul Marlin); Edward Kemmer (Roger Wiley); Leslie Barrett (Daniel Cascomb); Rusty Lane (Joe the bartender); Edna M. Holland (Miss Wyckoff); Edmund Glover (Ferris); Jim Reppert (ticket seller)
A man is acquitted of wife's murder and the real culprit is exposed when her brother arrives from New Zealand.

Front Runner (9 June 1959)
Written by: Don M. Mankiewicz
Cast: Ben Cooper (Ronnie Watson); Walter Burke (Sam Barry); Sandy Kenyon (Tim Berryman); Carmen Phillips (Rita); Rita Lupino (nurse); Jerry Hausner (Walt); Phil Chambers (first judge); J. Edward McKinley (second judge)
Following the death of a rival during a race a jockey is struck down by a mystery disease.

The Riddle (16 June 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Warren Stevens (Leonard Barrett); Bethel Leslie (Betty Barrett); Barry Atwater (Mr Graham); Patrick Westwood (Kumar); Arthur Batanides (Constable Gaisingh); Leonard Strong (conductor)
An American tourist on the Bombay-Calcutta Mail Railroad train may be the unwitting participant in a transmigration of souls.

Season Two
Delusion (15 September 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Norman Lloyd (Harold Stern); Suzanne Pleshette (Martha Wizinski); David White (Lt Barry); John Brennan (Martha's boyfriend); George Mitchell (Mr Wizinski); Marjorie Bennett (Mrs Sommers)
A man with a rare blood type has a psychic connection with people he gives transfusions to.

Ordeal On Locust Street (22 September 1959)
Written by: Michael Plant
Cast: Augusta Dabney (Margaret Parish); David Lewis (Dr Edward Brown); Suzanne Lloyd (Anna Parish); Bart Burns (George Parish); Jim Kirkwood Jr (Danny); Gary Campbell (Jason Parish)
A woman calls on a hypnotist to help cure her deformed son.

Brainwave (6 October 1959)
Written by: Charles Beaumont, Larry Marcus
Cast: George Grizzard (Pharmacist's Mate Harris); Tod Andrews (Lt CmDr Stacey); Whit Bissell (Captain Will Fielding); Bob Osborne (Seaman Driscol); Raymond Bailey (Captain Clyde Madison); Harry Harvey Jr. (radioman); Bob Alabama Davis (Boats)
An inexperienced doctor is helped by the ghost of his brother.

Doomsday (13 October 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Donald Harron (Jamie/William); Torin Thatcher (Earl of Culdane); Edward Atienza (doctor); Fintan Meyler (Harriet); Pat Michon (Catherine); Patrick O'Moore (trial witness); Lumsden Hare (judge); Beryl Machin (nurse)
An innocent woman is burned as a witch but not before cursing the family of the Earl who accused her.

Night of the Kill (20 October 1959)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Fred Beir (John Morris); Ann McCrea (Ann Morris); Dennis Holmes (Davey Morris); John Marley (Doctor Frazier); Tim Graham (Frank)
A young boy lost in the woods finds a strange protector.

The Inheritance (27 October 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Sean McClory (Michael Barry); Jan Miner (Grace Harkness); Estelita Rodriguez (Nina); Iphigenie Castiglioni (Countess Ferenzi); Jose Gonzales Gonzales (Jose); Robert Tafur (bartender); John Verros (Rivas)
A sentient diamond necklace strangles anyone who wears it.

The Open Window (3 November 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Michael Higgins (Anthony March); Louise Fletcher (Jeannie); Charles F. Seel (hotel manager); Lori March (woman); James Seay (Leon); Elizabeth York (Ella)
A struggling artist has a vision of a woman attempting suicide and tries to save her.

Message From Clara (10 November 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Barbara Baxley (Lois Morrison); Robert Ellenstein (Mr Tomachek)
A broach causes an English teacher to write messages in a foreign language from a dead woman.

Forked Lightning (17 November 1959)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Ralph Nelson (George Chambers); Frank Maxwell (Alex Peters); Roberta Haynes (Ellen Chambers); Candy Moore (Carolyn Peters); Robert B. Williams (plant boss); Logan Field (plant doctor); Frank Behrens (Wilson Tuttle); James Nolan (guard); Peter Walker (Philip Carter)
A man has a premonition of his own death.

Reunion (24 November 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Betsy von Furstenberg (Helga); Rory Harrity (Hans); Paul Carr (Peter); Page Slattery (Theo); James Kent); Thomas Hasson); Werner Reichow (forest ranger)
A murderer is exposed at a reunion of war time friends.

Dead Ringer (1 December 1959)
Written by: Catherine Turney
Cast: Norma Crane (Esther Quentin/Emily Harkness); Grant Williams (Bill Quentin); Ed Prentiss (Doctor Parks); Olive Blakeney (Mrs Harney); Dort Clark (Chief Wilson); Kathleen Mulqueen (Sister Agatha)
A woman has a vision of her twin sister committing arson.

The Stone Cutter (8 December 1959)
Written by: Gail Ingram
Cast: Joe Mantell (Stanley Lockhart); Arthur Shields (Simon Lockhart); Don Beddoe (Doc Simmons); Chet Stratton (Dr Halsey); Walter Burke (Peter Menzies); Robert Lieb (Sheriff Chuck Allen); Dick Reeves (Tony)
A gravestone cutter predicts people's deaths.

Father Image (15 December 1959)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Jack Lord (Dan Gardner); Stafford Repp (cop); Frank J. Scannell (barker); George Selk (stage doorman); Cece Whitney (Valerie McKay); Ian Wolfe (Timothy Welling)
A man inherits an old burlesque theatre and finds out more about his father than he might have liked.

Make Me Not a Witch (22 December 1959)
Written by: Gail Ingram
Cast: Patty McCormack (Emmy Horvath); Robert Emhardt (priest); Eileen Ryan (Mrs Horvath); Leo Penn (Jed Horvath); Deena Gerard [real name: Deena Goldstone] (Jill Riley); Jimmy Baird (Captain Riley's son); William Greene (Captain Riley); Pedro Regas (Juan Orriba); Preston Hanson (doctor); Charlott Knight (housekeeper)
A girl with psychic powers has to prove she is not a witch.

The Hand (29 December 1959)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Robert Loggia (Tom Grant); Anna Carroll (Nina Olson); Miriam Colon (Alma Rodriguez); Joseph Sullivan (Detective Harmon); Bob Hopkins (Shaeffer); Warren Parker (doctor); John Zaremba (clerk of the court); Pete Candoli (Johnny); Patric McCaffrie (Frank); Dick Winslow (Harry)
A murderer can't wash the blood of his victim off his hand.

The Justice Tree (5 January 1960)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Sally Brophy (Sally Dolan); Charles Herbert (Joey Dolan); Frank Overton (Calvin Gannis)
A dangerous criminal threatens a widow and her son but they have an unlikely protector.

Earthquake (12 January 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: David Opatoshu (Gerald Perkins); Olan Soulé (Harris); Harry Ellerbe (Mr Adams); Elvira Curci (Rosa Bandetti); Martin Garralaga (Carlo Bandetti); Herb Vigran (grocery wagon driver); Oliver McGowan (Mr Stevens); Gregg Stewart (Harry Perkins); Steve Fenton); Wayne Mallory); Nora Marlowe (woman)
A bellhop has a vision of an earthquake destroying San Francisco.

The Forests of the Night (19 January 1960)
Written by: Catherine Turley
Cast: Alfred Ryder (Ted Doliver); Mark Roberts (Pete Rankin); Douglas Dick (Alec Brown); Stacy Graham (Mrs Doliver); John Damler (forest ranger)
Three friends play strange a game using Confucius' Book of Changes.

Call from Tomorrow (26 January 1960)
Written by: Gabrielle Upton
Cast: Margaret Phillips (Elena Stacy); Arthur Franz (Kevin Stacy); Murvyn Vye (stage actor); Ben Hammer (Dr John Harvey); Emily Lawrence (Mrs Marpole); Daryn Hinton (child)
An actress hears the sounds of a crying child while on stage.

Who Are You? (2 February 1960)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Philip Bourneuf (Carl Mason); Anna Lee (Helen Mason); Reba Waters (Laurie Warren/Alice Mason); Phyllis Hill (Phyllis Warren); Ross Elliott (George Warren); Mike Keene (doctor); King Calder (Police Chief Thompson); Jon Lormer (Joe Fisher); Jacqueline deWit (Julia)
Laurie recovers from an illness but starts to claim that her name is really Alice.

The Day the World Wept: The Lincoln Story (9 February 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Barry Atwater (President Abraham Lincoln); Jeanne Bates (Mary Todd Lincoln); Robert S. Carson (army captain); Amy Douglass (Mrs Norcross); Watson Downs (Samuel); Jonathan Hole (Mr Johnson, landlord); Norman Leavitt (Noah); Tom Middleton (soldier); Theodore Newton (Minister Jonathan Stroom); Riza Royce (Ellen Stroom); Eric Sinclair (Secretary Hay); Justice Watson (Mr Dayton)
Several people have premonitions that Abraham Lincoln will be assassinated.

The Lovers (16 February 1960)
Written by: Joseph Petracca, Russell Beggs
Cast: Vanessa Brown (Elsa Schuldorf); John Beal (Otto Becher); Rudolph Anders (Josef); Lili Valenty (Mrs Schuldorf); Sig Ruman (Franz Schuldorf); Irene Tedrow (Dr J.H. Sesselshreiber)
An unusual love triangle – a young woman is fought over by an older man and a poltergeist.

Vanishing Point (23 February 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus, J.G. Ezra
Cast: Edward Binns (Fred Graham); Fredd Wayne (Lieutenant Barnes); June Vincent (Ruth Graham); Byron Foulger (judge); William Allyn (defense attorney); Arthur Hanson (prosecutor); Amzie Strickland (Agatha Dunlap); Lindsay Workman (voice)
When a couple go to a summer house to fix their ailing marriage the wife vanishes and the husband is accused of her murder.

The Mask (1 March 1960)
Written by: Joseph Petracca, Russell Beggs
Cast: Wesley Lau (Lt Harold Wilenski); Luis Van Rooten (Brimley); Stephen Bekassy (Dr Beauvais); Joan Elan (nurse)
A pilot believes he is possessed by an Egyptian prince.

The Haunting (8 March 1960)
Written by: Gabrielle Upton
Cast: Ronald Howard (Colin Chandler); Christine White (Nancy Lloyd Chandler); Doris Lloyd (Elizabeth Lloyd); Anthony Eustrel (minister); Keith McConnell (Peter Duncan); Cyril Delevanti (pianist); Clive Halliday (Wilson the butler); Veronica Cartwright (Gillian)
In the Swiss Alps, a groom kills his best man and is haunted by a strange coldness.

The Explorer (15 March 1960)
Written by: Don M. Mankiewicz
Cast: Gregory Morton (Dr Einar Hansen); Eddie Firestone (Gus); Jeremy Slate (Eric Borgner); Bert Convy (Professor Andersson); John E. Wengraf (Felix Borgner); Edith Evanson (Martha Borgner); Rudolph Anders (Dr Heinrick Swansen); Ralph Helfer (Hassim)
An explorer lost in the Sahara desert is led to water by a man who died a year earlier.

The Clown (22 March 1960)
Written by: Gabrielle Upton
Cast: Mickey Shaughnessy (Pippo the Clown); Christopher Dark (Tom Regan); Yvette Mimieux (Nonnie Regan); Jack Daly (bartender); John Close (Buck the strong man); Karen Scott (woman in bar); Jim Nolan (carnival boss); Paul ‘Mouse' Garner (carnival man)
A man murders his wife and is haunted by visions of Pippo the Clown trying to strangle him.

I Saw You Tomorrow (5 April 1960)
Written by: Merwin Geràrd
Cast: John Hudson (Donald Ainsley Stuart); Narda Onyx (Claire Seymour); Rosemary Murphy (Ellie Pelston); Francis Bethencourt (Carter Seymour); Barbara Morrison (Hermione Morley); Jack Raine (Julian Morley); Rolfe Sedan (butler); Christine Thomas (maid)
A diplomat has a vision of murder and is later confronted by the murderer and his victim wife at a party.

Encounter (12 April 1960)
Written by: De Witt Copp
Cast: Robert Douglas (Paul McCord); Barbara Stuart (Helen Rand); John Carlyle (Tim); Mike Forest (Jacques Boutier); David DeHaven (Tobin); Ted Otis (Blake); Francis DeSales (Dr Norton); Larry Berrill (Bob Rand)
A plane disappears and the pilot turns up a thousand miles away claiming he was abducted by aliens.

The Peter Hurkos Story Part 1 (19 April 1960)
Written by: Jerome Gruskin
Cast: Albert Salmi (Peter Hurkos); Betty Garde (Tante Elsa); John Banner (Dr Molhaus); Violet Rensing (nurse); Maurice Marsac (Professor Grotius); Norbert Schiller (Albert Breitner); Leni Tana (Mrs John Rheinwols); Stephen Bekassy (John Rheinwols); Will J. White (spanish man)
Recovering from a coma following a fall, Peter Hurkos develops psychic powers.

The Peter Hurkos Story Part 2 (26 April 1960)
Written by: Jerome Gruskin
Cast: Albert Salmi (Peter Hurkos); Alf Kjellin (Dr Lars Lindstrom); Justice Watson (Police Captain Kibbee); Andrew Prine (Walter Bird)
Having become a carnival freak thanks to his new powers, Hurkos helps to solve a murder.

Delia (3 May 1960)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Lee Philips (Philip Wilson); Barbara Lord (Delia Huston); Murray Matheson (Bentley); Maureen Leeds (Mrs Garan)
A man spends eight years searching for a woman who vanished from an island.

The Visitor (10 May 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Joan Fontaine (Ellen Grayson); Warren Beatty (Harry Grayson)
A wife is visited by a younger version of her husband who wants to save their failing marriage.

Gypsy (17 May 1960)
Written by: Gail Upton
Cast: Robert Blake (Tom); John Kellogg (Folger); Johnny Seven (gypsy); Murvyn Vye (Abe); Addison Richards (warden); Monte E. Burkhart (prison guard); Kelly Thordsen (Peterson)
A man tries to persuade a fellow prison escapee to hand himself in unaware that convict never actually escaped at all…

Contact (24 May 1960)
Written by: Paul David
Cast: Ron Randell (Bill Dermott); Catherine McLeod (Mary Dermott); William Allyn (Karl Lennox); Alexander Lockwood (Dr Otis); Rodney Bell (policeman); Anthony Jochim (Paul); Jeanne Tatum (airport receptionist)
A pocket causes a man to have visions of murder.

The Lonely Room (31 May 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Carl Esmond (Emile); Maurice Marsac (maitre'd); Fabrizio Mioni (Henri Lamont); Lisa Montell (Terese)
Henri is in love with Therese but is too shy to ask her out. Complicating matters is that his rival is a more confident version of himself.

House of the Dead (7 June 1960)
Written by: Don M. Mankiewicz
Cast: Mario Alcalde (Lt Harry Fraser); Laya Raki (Mai Ling); Stephen Cheng (Mr Lum); Allen Jung (scarred rickshaw driver); Hilda Plowright (mother superior); Gail Bonney (tourist); Barry Bernard (british officer); James Hong (tour guide); Beal Wong (blind old man)
A Chinese woman worries that her ethnicity will damage the military career of her British fiancée wo runs away to a very strange hiding place.

Goodbye Grandpa (14 June 1960)
Written by: Gabrielle Upton
Cast: Edgar Stehli (grandpa); Candy Moore (Callie Wylie); Anna Karen (Nan Wylie); Donald Losby (Paul Wylie)
An old man dies promising his grandchildren that he will contact them from beyond the grave using his special train whistle.

The Storm (21 June 1960)
Written by: Michael Plant
Cast: Lee Bergere (Joe Bernheim); Rebecca Welles (Adelle Bernheim); Danny Zaldivar [real name: Danny Bravo] (Juanito); Ernest Sarracino (priest); Argentina Brunetti (Margarita Castera); Joe Dominguez (Tomas); Raoul De Leon (hotel manager); Abel Franco (policeman in hotel); Donald Foster (museum curator)
A new painting surfaces in the style of an artist who died in the Korean War.

Season Three
Tidal Wave (30 August 1960)
Written by: Charles Larson
Cast: Jean Allison (Margaret North); Dennis Patrick (Emmett North); Cliff Hall (Commander Thomas A. Powers); Ted Knight (Woodruff); William Swan (Lenny); William Schallert (Dick Webb); William Quinn (Captain H.L. Morgan); Larry Burrell (radio announcer)
A disabled woman is trapped on an island unable to escape an approaching tidal wave.

Anniversary of a Murder (27 September 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus, Jane Anna Pritchard
Cast: Harry Townes (Gerald Simms); Randy Stuart (Frances Hiller); Amzie Strickland (Miss Welles); Alexander Lockwood (Mr Dickenson); James Maloney (Tom Cruickshank)
A couple having an affair kill a cyclist in an accident and try to conceal their crime.

The Death Waltz (4 October 1960)
Written by: Charles Larson, Amanda Ellis
Cast: Elizabeth Montgomery (Lillie Clarke); Joe Cronin (Lieutenant Henry Buchanan); Robert Sampson (Lieutenant Eustace Fairchild); K.T. Stevens (Bernice Clarke); Ed Prentiss (Colonel William Clarke); James Parnell (soldier); Mark Houston)
Manipulative general's daughter Lilly arranges for one of her suitors to go on a dangerous mission so she can go to a ball with the other. When the man is killed she finds herself haunted by his ghost.

The Return (11 October 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Richard Davalos (Corporal Fred Cossage); Charles H. Gray (Sergeant Kirsch); Harry Harvey Jr); Rex Holman (Private Alley); Jack Mullaney (Captain Youngblood); Chris Winters (Lieutenant Heinmetz)
During the Korean War, a wounded soldier is blinded but still finds his way back to base.

If You See Sally (18 October 1960)
Written by: Howard Rodman, Roberta Martin
Cast: Anne Whitfield (Sally Ellis); George Mitchell (Pa Ellis); Mary Lou Taylor (Ma Ellis); Rusty Lane (Mr Casey); Harry Jackson (Ray Markey); Bernard Kates (bus driver); Pat McCaffrie (truck driver)
Sally Ellis is wrongly blamed for the death of her brother and runs away from home, only to return after her own death.

Moment of Hate (25 October 1960)
Written by: Charles Larson, David Peltz
Cast: Joanne Linville (Karen Wadsworth); John Kellogg (Dr Llewellyn); Linda Lawson (Joyce Chapman); James Millhollin (Dr Roman); Diane Driscoll (Donna); Tina Marie Galloso (Karen Wadsworth age 7)
Dress designer Karen Wadsworth finds that, when angered, she can literally wish someone to death.

To Know the End (1 November 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Elen Willard (Emily MacDougall); Alex Davion (Harry MacDougall); Sally Fraser (Ann); Noel Drayton (British Army officer); James Forrest (British Army sergeant); Jean Fenwick (nurse); Anthony Eustrel (doctor)
In 1939 a woman has a vision of losing her husband in the war.

The Trap (15 November 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Mike Kellin (Dominic DiNovio/Fredrick Gibbs); Ruth Storey (Florence DiNovio); Alex Gerry (Dr Barnes); Jeanne Bates (Edna Gibbs); Bert Remsen (priest); Francis DeSales (Sam Harkness); Joan Dupuis (elevator girl)
In Chicago, Dominic is dehydrated and suffocating while his twin brother is trapped in a mine shaft in Arizona.

The Voice (22 November 1960)
Written by: Charles Larson
Cast: Luana Anders (Joan Goss); Paul Genge (Tom Goss); William Keene (judge); Robert Lansing (Jared Corning); Carl Benton Reid (Brian Christopher)
A reporter covers the trial of villagers who burned down a barn while trying to kill a demon.

The Promise (29 November 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: Leslie Denison (doctor); Kort Falkenberg (German prisoner); Peter Gordon (colonel); Guy Kingsford (newsman); Queenie Leonard (Nurse O'Brien); Lester Matthews (civil defense man); Deirdre Owens (Lois Bremer); Mollie Roden); William Shatner (Carl Bremer); Ben Wright (Captain George Davis)
A German soldier in post-war London redeems himself by defusing unexploded bombs.

Tonight at 12:17 (6 December 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus, Jane Anna Pritchard
Cast: Peggy Ann Garner (Laura Perkins); John Lasell (John Perkins); Gene Lyons (Sam Blake); Jack Lester (Doctor Maroney); Barbara Bell Wright (nurse); David De Haven (Frank)
Every night at 12:17 pregnant Laura Perkins hears the sound of a plane crashing through her roof.

Where Are They? (13 December 1960)
Written by: Larry Marcus, Merwin Gerard
Cast: Phillip Pine (Harry Call); Richard Devon (Charles Elton); Addison Richards (cabinet secretary); John Alvin (Bradley); Alan Dexter (Towers); Joan Tompkins (Jenny Call); Robert B. Williams (Marshal Joe Tomlinson); Jason Johnson (Colonel Willis); Roy Sickner (Frank); Harlan Warde (Commander Phillips); Herbert Patterson (Garner); Charles Keane (Carter)
A man causes stones to rain on Chico, California before vanishing. In a second story, Charles Elton invents a pellet that turns water into gasoline but also disappears.

Legacy of Love (20 December 1960)
Written by: Howard Rodman
Cast: Norma Crane (Marianne Darelle); Charles Aidman (Norman Bromley); Barbara Eiler (Mrs Bromley); Louise Lorimer (Mrs Darelle); Olan Soulé (conductor); Al Hopson (taxi driver); Charles Calvert (ticket seller); Joe McGuinn (station master)
A couple who have never met before are drawn together, experiencing shared memories of another life.

Rendezvous (27 December 1960)
Written by: Merwin Gerard, Josefina Seiler
Cast: Georgann Johnson (Kate Maxwell); H.M. Wynant (William Cooper); Donald Murphy (Fred Somers); Warren Kemmerling (Lt Mike Walton); K.L. Smith (plainclothesman); Fred Coby (policeman)
A widow is protected by her husband's ghost.

The Executioner (3 January 1961)
Written by: Bob and Wanda Duncan
Cast: Crahan Denton (Colonel Martin); Buzz Martin (Jess Bradley); Jeremy Slate (Captain Adams); Tom Middleton (Sergeant Evans); Will J. White (corporal)
A Confederate soldier is protected by the ghost of his loyal dog.

The Last Round (10 January 1961)
Written by: Don M. Mankiewicz
Cast: Charles Bronson (Yank Dawson); Felix Deebank (Chipper White); Ronald Long (Sanderson); Wally Cassell (Collins); Stewart Taylor (Alfie Jones); John Indrisano (referee); Gordon Richards (doctor); Peter Fontaine (Willie Davis)
An aging boxer fights in a haunted auditorium in England.

Dead Man's Tale (17 January 1961)
Written by: Merwin Gerard, C.V. Trench
Cast: Lonny Chapman (Phillip Werris); Jean Engstrom (Jan Werris); Lucy Prentis (Mrs Lawrence Barton); Charles Tannen (hotel manager); Walter Reed (Robert Barton); Charles Seel (store proprietor)
A former reporter writes the story of two brothers' greed.

The Sacred Mushroom (24 January 1961)
Written by: Larry Marcus, Collier Young
Host John Newland tries out mind-altering drugs that are said to promote the development of psychic powers.

The Gift (31 January 1961)
Written by: Charles Larson
Cast: Scott Marlowe (Mario); Betty Garde (Madame Lola); Mary Sinclair (Maude Gillespie); Arthur Gould Porter (The Bobby); Joe Turkel (Mario's brother)
A fake psychic suddenly develops real powers.

Person Unknown (7 February 1961)
Written by: Larry Marcus, James Crenshaw
Cast: David J. Stewart (Doctor Atl); Rudolph Acosta (Colonel Ferrero); Jay Novello (Carlos Gonzalez); Robert Carricart (Captain Alvarez); Argentina Brunetti (Maria Gonzalez); Rodolfo Hoyos (Gomez); Martin Garralaga (morgue attendant); Danny Bravo (Jorge); David Renard (orderly)
In Mexico a doctor is accused of a murder actually committed by an invisible ghost.

Night of Decision (21 February 1961)
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Cast: Robert Douglas (General George Washington); Richard Carlyle (Colonel Danforth); Donald Buka (Marquis de Lafayette); Richard Hale (Chief Otumcas); Arthur Hanson (soldier); Steven Franken (crazed soldier); John Cliff (soldier); Ken Drake (Major Warren); Dehl Berti (gypsy); Richard Tyler, Robert Curtis (soldiers)
George Washington has a vision of the future.

The Stranger (28 February 1961)
Written by: Larry Marcus
Cast: William Nagy (Cole); Peter Dyneley (Hadley); Patrick McAllinney (warden); Graham Stark (Peter); Ken Wayne, Larry Cross (guards); Mark Baker (barber); Harold Kasket (teacher)
A convict who died twenty years earlier appears to help those in need.

Justice (7 March 1961)
Written by: Guy Morgan
Cast: Clifford Evans (Constable Josh Jones); Meredith Edwards (Wyndham Roberts); Barbara Mullen (Mrs Jones); Pauline Jameson (Mrs Roberts); Edward Evans (Inspector Pugh); Ewen Roberts (Superintendent Rees); Helen Sessions (Mrs Owen); Jack Melford (Mr Owen); Martin Benson (Dr Evans)
A police officer is suspected of murder.

The Face (14 March 1961)
Written by: Derry Quinn
Cast: Sean Kelly (Stephen Bolt); John Bown (Mark Bolt); Andrew Faulds (Nomiss); Penelope Horner (Rosemary Hogan); Roger Delgado (Captain Santoro); Victor Platt (Isiah Bolt); Derek Sydney (Spanish sailor); Robert Cawdron (Hogan); Michael Peake (Spanish Bosun); John Scott (sergeant); Leon Cortez (Harper); Erik Chitty (tattoo artist); Paula Byrne (Sara Bolt)
Stephen Bolt has a reoccurring nightmare of a bearded man stabbing him to death.

The Room Upstairs (21 March 1961)
Written by: Merwin Gerard, Larry Marcus
Cast: Carl Bernard (doctor); Gilda Emmanuelli (child); Jane Hylton (Joan Morrison); David Knight (Will Hollis); David Markham (man); Lois Maxwell (Esther Hollis); Anthony Oliver (Hudson)
Esther Hollis is afraid of a family madness that may afflict her and her unborn baby after she has a vision of a sick child in her house.

Signal Received (4 April 1961)
Written by: Derry Quinn
Cast: Mark Eden (Johnny Watson); Terry Palmer (Geo