One Million AC/DC (1969)

USA, 1969
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by Ed De Priest.

Plot Summary

A group of cave people are trapped in their cave by a dinosaur. They cook up a plot to kill the creature with a bow and arrow. Meanwhile, a cave girl has been captured by a savage gorilla.


* = uncredited

Director: Ed De Priest
Canyon Films
Producer: Ed De Priest
Script: Akdov Telmig [real name: Edward D. Wood Jr]
Directors of Photography: Ed De Priest *, Eric Torgesson *, Michael Weldon *
Camera Operator: Les Stevens
Sound: Mike Stange
Sound Mixer: Sam Kopetzky *
Historical Consultants: Bob Cresse, R.L. Frost

Susan Berkely
Billy Wolf
Sharon Wells
Nancy McGavin
Tod Badker
Tony Brooks
Pam English
John Lee
Harry Stone
Gail Lavon
Larry Vincente
Shari Stevens
Bonnie Walker
Mary Doyle
Greg Mathis
April O’Connor

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