One from the Heart (1982)

35mm film, 70mm film, Technicolor, 1.37:1
Dolby, English

An American fantasy film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Production started on 26 January 1981 1 Daily Variety 16 January 1981 p.28

Plot Summary

Hank and Frannie's five year relationship is on the rocks – Frannie walks out on Hank and both of them find love elsewhere. But is fate conspiring against them to drive them back together again?


Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Zoetrope Studios
Executive Producer: Bernard Gersten
Producers: Armyan Bernstein, Fred Roos, Gray Frederickson
Co-Producer: Kim Aubry
Associate Producer: Mona Skager
Script: Armyan Bernstein, Francis Ford Coppola
Story: Armyan Bernstein
Directors of Photography: Ronald VÍctor GarcÍa, Vittorio Storaro
Editors: Rob Bonz, Rudi Fehr, Anne Goursaud, Randy Roberts
Music: Teddy Edwards
Production Recording: Chris McLaughlin, James E. Webb, Jim Stuebe
Costume Designer: Ruth Morley
Make Up: Jeff Angell, Jene Fielder
Hair: Barbara Lorenz
Special Effects Coordinator: Joe Lombardi
Visual Effects: Robert Swarthe, Raymond Fielding, Tom Koester
Additional Visual Effects: Don Weed, Ray Fielding, Wally Gentleman
Production Designer: Dean Tavoularis

Frederic Forrest (Hank)
Teri Garr (Frannie)
Raul Julia (Ray)
Nastassja Kinski (Leila)
Lainie Kazan (Maggie)
Harry Dean Stanton (Moe)
Allen Goorwitz [real name: Allen Garfield] (restaurant owner)
Jeff Hamlin (airline ticket agent)
Italia Coppola, Carmine Coppola (couple in elevator)
Edward Blackoff, James Dean, Rebecca De Mornay, Javier Grajeda, Cynthia Kania, Monica Scattini (understudies)

Alternative Titles

Corazonada – Spain
Coup de coeur – France
Do Fundo do Coração – Portugal
Ehad M'Ha-Lev – Israel
Einer mit Herz – West Germany
Golpe al corazón – Argentina
Un sogno lungo un giorno – Italy
Suoraan sydämestä – Finland



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