One (1956)

UK, 16 April 1956
black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British television science fiction film directed by Peter Graham Scott.

Plot Summary

In an authoritarian future, a lone dissident struggles against the state.


Director: Peter Graham Scott
Associated-Rediffusion Television
Script: John Letts
Novel: David Karp
Special Effects: Edward Shankster
Settings: George Haslam

Jack May (Conger)
Ruth Trouncer (Miss Allom)
Kenneth Hyde (Wright)
Donald Pleasence (Burden)
Jonathan Meddings (Wilkin)
Raymond Francis (Dr Middleton)
Mary Jones (Emma Burden)
Ronald Howard (Richard)
Kenneth Griffith (Lark)
Philip Ray (Dr Emerson)
Victor Brooks (William)
Ian Fleming (commissioner)
Tom Bowan (Gray)
Fanny Carby, Jennifer Wilson (nurses)
John Woodnutt (Victor)
Keith Smith (Bernard)
Roy Malcolm (Cumbers)
Joan Young (Mrs Greevy)