Once Upon a Dream (1947)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British fantasy film directed by Ralph Thomas.

Plot Summary

A young woman who is missing her husband, currently away on military service, meets one of his friends and develops a crush on him. She has a dream about him and then finds it's almost impossible to differentiate fact from fantasy.


Director: Ralph Thomas
Rank Film Organization/Triton Productions
Producer: Antony Darnborough
Script: Victor Katona, Patrick Kirwan
Story: Val Guest
Director of Photography: Jack E. Cox
Editor: Jean Barker
Music: Manning Sherwin, Arthur Wilkinson
Costume Designer: Julie Harris

Cecil Bevan (Wright)
Dora Bryan (barmaid)
Wilfrid Caithness
Maurice Denham (vicar)
Arthur Denton (janitor)
Hubert Gregg (Captain Williams)
David Horne (registrar)
Griffith Jones (Jackson)
Agnes Lauchlan (Aunt Agnes)
Raymond Lovell (Mr Trout)
Betty Lynne (Mlle. Louise)
Gibb McLaughlin (Pontefact)
Eric Messiter
Guy Middleton (Major Gilbert)
Geoffrey Morris (registrar's clerk)
Nora Nicholson (1st WVS)
Hal Osmond (bailiff)
Mona Washbourne (vicar's wife)
Googie Withers (Carol Gilbert)
Mirren Wood (conductress)

Alternative Titles

Wenn Frauen träumen – Austrian/German title