Once in a New Moon (1935)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Anthony Kimmins.

Plot Summary

The socialist postmaster of a small English village is elected governor but the entire village is thrown into space when collides with a star.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Anthony Kimmins
© [not given on screen]
Fox Film Co. Ltd. present a Fox British film
Written by: Anthony Kimmins *
From the novel Lucky Star by: Owen Rutter
Musical Score by: Walford Hyden
Produced and recorded on Visatone Sound System
Produced and recorded at Sound City, Shepperton

Eliot Makeham [Harold Drake]
Rene Ray [Stella Drake]
Morton Selten [Lord Bravington]
Mary Hinton [Lady Bravington]
Derrick De Marney [Honourable Bryan-Grant]
Gerald Barry [Colonel Fitzgeorge]
Richard Goolden [Reverend Benjamin Buffett]
Cecil Landau
Saxon Snell [K. Pilkington-Bigge]
Thorley Walters
Wally Patch [Syd Parrott]
John Clements [Edward Teale]
Vernon Kelso
Charles Paton
Walter Roy
Franklyn Kelsey
Ralph Howard
John Turnbull [Captain Crump]
William Fazan



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Other sources

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