On a Collision Course With Earth (1995)

mono, English

An American television non-fiction film with a science fiction theme.


An account of what might happen should one of the break away from the asteroid belt and collide with Earth.


GGP/USA Networks/Get It Pictures for the Sci-Fi Channel
Executive Producer: Ted Griggs
Producer: Stephanie Abrams
Associate Producer: Matt Vande Voorde
For the Sci-Fi Channel: Barry Schulman, Lou Fazio, Monia Joblin
Script: Stephanie Abrams
Camera Operators: Kevin Courtney, Todd B. Lewis, Brad White
Camera Assistants: George Leet, Doug Kahn
Videotape Operators: Gil Ashley, Ellen Schade
Editors: Stephen B. Eagleton, Steve McConnell, Aldo DiVergillo, Jon Lewis, Drew Millar, Scott A.C. Smith
Infinit! Operator: Terre Harrison
Music: Ed Bogas
Chief Engineer: Jeff Van Grinsven
Make Up: Gayle Lederman
Animation: Stephen B. Eagleton, Brian McBride, Dan Sheers, Scott Hudson, Steven P. Gribben, Walt Feimer
Travel Coordinator: Andrea Young
Researcher: Margot Fell
Video Supplied by: US Department of Energy; NASA Jet Propulsion Lab; NASA Johnson Space Center; NASA Ames Research Center; W.M. Keck Observatory; 20th Century Fox; Paramount Pictures; The Smithsonian Institute
Special Thanks to: Keith Noll; David Brody; Brian Hackney; J. Kelly Beatty; Richard Berendzen; Lick Observatory; Palomar Observatory

Mike Farrell (interviewee)
Dr David Morrison (interviewee)
Dr Eugene Shoemaker (interviewee)
Dr Richard Berendzen (interviewee)
David Levy (interviewee)
Dr Duncan Steel (interviewee)
Dr Heide Hammel (interviewee)
Dr Keith Noll (interviewee)
Dr Paul Weissman (interviewee)
Dr Tom Gehrels (interviewee)
Dr Jay Melosh (interviewee)
Dr Steve Ostro (interviewee)