Of Unknown Origin (1983)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A Canadian horror film directed by George P. Cosmatos.

Plot Summary

A New York businessman is driven to insanity by a rat loose in his apartment.


Directed by: George P. Cosmatos
Pierre David and Lawrence Nesis present a George P. Cosmatos film. A film produced with the participation of the Canadian Film Development Corporatio9n and Famous Players Limited
© Guardian Trust Company, 1983
Executive Producer: Pierre David
Produced by: Claude Héroux
Screenplay by: Brian Taggert
Based Upon the Book “The Visitor” by: Chaucey G. Parker III
Director of Photography: René Verzier
Editor: Roberto Silvi
Music Composed by: Ken Wannberg
Sound: Don Cohen
Costume Designer: Paul-Andre Guerin
Make-up: Michele Dion, Chantal Ethier
Hairdressers: Constant Natale, Martin Menard
Special Effects Make-up: Stephan Dupuis
Special Effects: Jacques Godbout, Louis Craig
Production Designer: Anne Pritchard
Casting: Deirdre Bowen, Ginette D'Amico

Peter Weller (Bart Hughes)
Jennifer Dale (Lorrie Wells)
Lawrence Dane (Eliot Riverton)
Kenneth Welsh (James Hall)
Louis Del Grande (Clete)
Maury Chaykin (Dan Errol)
Keith Knight (hardware salesman)
Shannon Tweed (Meg Hughes)
Leif Anderson (Peter Hughes)
Jimmy Tapp (Meg's father)
Gayle Garfinkle (Janis Wycoff)
Earl Pennington (Mr Thompson)
Jacklin Webb (news vendor)
Bronwen Mantel (Florence Riverton)
Monik Nantel (secretary)
Aimee Castle, Jesse Grasis, Tara O'Donnell (birthday party children)

Alternative Titles

Av okänt ursprung – Swedish title
De origen desconocido – Spanish title
Di origine sconosciuta – Italian title
D'origine inconnue – French title
Hivatlan látogató – Hungarian title
Mad House – Danish title
Mad Teeth – Japanese title
Maddo Tîsu – Japanese title
O Inimigo Desconhecido – Brazilian video title
Nepoznato porijeklo – Serbian Yugoslavian title
Nieuchwytny wróg – Polish title
Origem Desconhecida – Brazilian, Portuguese title
La rata asesina – Mexican video title
La rata satánica – Mexican title
Terreur a domicile – French, French Canadian title
Tuntematon vaara – Finnish video title
Unheimliche Begegnung – West German video title
O Visitante Sinistro – Portuguese video title
Αγνώστου προελεύσεως – Greek title
Неизвестная тварь – Russian title

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