Occhi dalle stelle (1978)

35mm film, colour

An Italian science fiction film directed by Mario Gariazzo using the pseudonym Roy Garrett. On screen, it's claimed that “Garrett” is a “member of the National Committee on Aerial Phenomena (N.I.C.A.P.) and field researcher of the Ariel Phenomena Research Organisation of the United States of America.”

Plot Summary

A photographer and his model are on a photo shoot in a forest when they inadvertently capture on film a group of . But no-one will believe what them and soon they're lives are in danger as a conspiracy tries to silence them.


A Film Directed by: Roy Garrett [real name: Mario Gariazzo]
© [not given on screen]
Armando Novelli presents a Midia Cinematografica
A Film Written by: Roy Garrett [real name: Mario Gariazzo]
Director of Photography: Erico Menczer
Film Editor: Vincenzo Tomassi
Music by: Marcello Giombini
Sound: Goffredo Salvatori
Wardrobe: Roberto Ranucci
Make-up: Cristina Rocca
Hair Stylist: Lydia Puglia
Art Director: Francesco Cuppini
Filmed at Elios Studios

Robert Hoffmann [Tony Harris]
Nathalie Delon [Monica Stiles]
Martin Balsam [Jim Grant]
Sherry Buchanan [Karin Hale]
Victor Valente [Coleman Perry]
Sergio Rossi [leader of The Silencers]
Anthony Freeman [real name: Mario Novelli] [The Silencers' henchman]
Franco Garofalo [Peter Collins]
Carlo Hintermann [Air Marshal Thompson]
Giovanna De Luca
Bruno Di Luia [The Silencers' henchman]
George Ardisson [The Silencers' agent]
Franco Beltramme [Phillips]
Tom Felleghy [Commander Smith]
Cesare Nizzica [farmer]

Alternative Titles

Der Angriff kommt aus dem All… – West German television title
Die Augen der Sterne – West German video title
Eyes Behind the Stars – English language title
The Eyes Behind the Stars – alternative US title
Gangsters ap' to diastima – Greek title
Ögon bortom stjärnorna – Swedish title
Øjne bag stjernerne – Danish title
Los ojos de las estrellas – Spanish title
Ojos desde las estrellas (Los extraterrestres) – Peruvian title
La quatrième rencontre – French title
Silmät tähtien takaa – Finnish title
Terror – West German title

Extracts included in
Sherry Holocaust: Interview with Actress Sherry Buchanan (2016)