O’ Christmas Tree (1999)

stereo, English

An American animated fantasy film directed by Bert Ring.

Plot Summary

A short, spindly tree despairs of ever becoming the kind of tree she's always dreamed of. But with the help of her animal friends, she might get her wish after all…


Director: Bert Ring
Overseas Director: Tod Poison
Family Home Entertainment presents a Hyperion Studio production. Artisan Home Entertainment
Executive Producer: Willard Carroll, Tom Wilhite
Supervising Producer: Libby Simon
Producer: Mark McGroarty
Script: John Loy
Character Designer: Dan Haskett
Background Layout: David Dunnet, David Nigh, Cynthia Ignacio
Layout Head: Ping Capati
Picture Editor: Mark McNally
Music: Randall Crissman
Recording Coordinator: Darryl Distin
Voice Recordings: Marc Graue Recording Services, Burbank; Horta Editorial

Edward Asner (nutcracker)
Tim Conway (squirrel)
Marie Osmond (star)
Debi Derryberry (tree/chipmunks)
Pamela Segal (baby bear)
Jess Harnell (man in house/skunk/Santa)
Kellie Coffey, Randall Crissman, Geoff Koch, Scottie Haskell (singers)