Number Three (1953b)

UK, 5 February
broadcast live, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British television science fiction play. It was broadcast live and never recorded. It was the second of two live performances of the same production, the first having been on 1 February 1953.

Plot Summary

At a nuclear research station in the north of England a team of are searching for a source of inexhaustible energy. Under-funded and largely ignored by the authorities, the team suddenly starts receiving unwanted attention when the possibility of using their discovery as a weapon becomes obvious.


Play Production by: Stephen Harrison
Adapted by: George F. Kerr, Nigel Kneale
Based on a Play by: Charles Irving
Designed by: Frederick Knapman

Raymond Huntley (Professor Brander)
Ursula Howells (Maureen Dartington)
Jack Watling (Bill Hollies)
Philip Guard (Robert Matthews)
Terence Alexander (Maurice Crampton)
Eileen Moore (Joan Whitwell)
Myrtle Reed (Doris)
Carl Bernard (Mr Wheatfield)
Jack Howarth (Harry Wall)
Peter Cushing (Simpson)