Nuda per Satana (1974)

35mm film, Techniscope, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Luigi Batzella using the pseudonym Paolo Solvay.

Plot Summary

Late one night, Dr Benson finds a young woman in a crashed car. He agrees to take her to a nearby castle where Denson finds himself embroiled in a supernatural mystery.


Directed by: Paolo Solvay [real name: Luigi Batzella.[/mfn]
C.R.C. Productions-Films Television Rome
Produced by: Remo Angioli
Production Manager: Michelangelo Ciafrè
Sobject [sic] and Screenplay by: Luigi Batzella
Director of Photography: Antonio Maccoppi
Camera Operator: Giuliano Grasselli
Assistant Operator: Luciano Ronconi
Lab: Technicolor – Rome
Montage by: Luigi Batzella
Music by: Alberto Baldan Bembo
Published by: S.A.A.R. – Milan
Sound: Antonio Forrest
Sound Sincronisation [sic]: Nuovo Studio Econ, Renato Cadueri – Rome
Make-up: Ultimo Peruzzi
Costumes: Simone Chapoutier
Costumes Supplied by: Cantini e Co – Roma
Shoes by: Arditi – Rome
Scenes: Simone Chapoutier
Assistant Art Director: Michelangelo Ricci
Set Dressing by: Set – Rome
Production Secretary: Mario Ciafrè

Rita Calderoni (Susan Smith, Evelyn)
James Harris (Giuseppe Mattei)
Renato Lupi (butler)
Iolanda Mascitti (servant girl)
Luigi Antonio Guerra
Barbara Lay (brown coven member)
Augusto Boscardini, Alfredo Pasti (naked men)
Stelio Candelli (Dr William Benson, Peter)

Alternative Titles

Nude for – English language title



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