Nosferatu a Venezia (1988)

35mm film, Telecolor, 1.85:1
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Augusto Caminito.

Plot Summary

British Professor Paris Catalano arrives in Venice in search of the final resting place of the vampire Nosferatu at the invitation of Princess Helietta Canins, who believes that the vampire is interred in a family tomb. Catalano deduces that Nosferatu is really hankering for final death and also notes that Helietta looks exactly like the vampire's long-lost love, Letizia. Against the advice of Father Don Alvise, a séance, is held that raises Nosferatu from his 200-year sleep and unleashes the vampire on Venice.


Directed by: Augusto Caminito
© [not given on screen]
Augusto Caminito presents
A Scena Film production with the participation of Reteitalia S.p.A.
Executive Producer: Carlo Alberto Alfieri
Written by: Augusto Caminito
Story by: Alberto Alfieri, Leandro Lucchetti
Director of Photography: Antonio Nardi
Film Editor: Claudio Cutry
Soundtrack/Original Music Composed by: Luigi Ceccarelli
Music Based on the Album “Mask” by: Vangelis
Sound Mixer: Primiano Muratori
Costumes: Vera Cozzolino
Barnara De Rossi's and Elvire Audray's Wardrobe Created by: Raniero Cattinoni
Make-up: Franco Corridoni, Sergio Angeloni, Luigi Rocchetti
Hair Stylists: Alberta Giuliani, Maurizio Lupi
Production Designers: Joseph Teichner, Luca Antonucci
Sound Stages: De Paolis Incir

Klaus Kinski (Nosferatu)
Barbara De Rossi (Helietta Canins)
Yorgo Voyagis [real name: Giorgos Voyagis] (Giuseppe Barnabò)
Anne Knecht (Maria)
Elvire Audray (Uta)
Giuseppe Mannajuolo (De Bellis)
Clara Colosimo
Maria Clementina Cumani Quasimodo (medium)
Micaela Flores Amaya “La Chunga” (Orissa)
Donald Pleasence (Don Alvise)
Christopher Plummer (Paris Catalano)

Alternative Titles

Drácula em Veneza – Brazil
Nosferatu a Venezia – Canada (France), Italy
Nosferatu à Venise – France
Nosferatu en Venecia – Spain
Nosferatu in Venedig – Germany
Nosferatu in Venice – USA
Nosferatu w Wenecji – Poland
Nosferatu, príncipe de las tinieblas (Nosferatu en Venecia) – Spain
Nosferatu, príncipe de las tinieblas – Spain
Prince of the Night – USA (DVD)
To sperma tou vrykolaka – Greece
Vampire in Venice – USA
in Venice – Australia, UK
Vampiros en Venecia – Argentina, Peru
Вампир в Венеции – Soviet Union
バンパイヤ・イン・ベニス – Japan

Sequel to
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979)

Extracts included in
FantastiCozzi (2016)



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