Non si deve profanare il sonno dei morti (1974)

Italy, 1974
85m (USA – R rated version), 93m (Spain; USA – unrated), 95m (Italy)
35mm film, Eastmancolor
Dolby Stereo, Dolby Surround 5.1 (DVD), Spanish, English, Italian

An Italian horror film, filmed in the UK under the direction of Spaniard Jorge Grau. Under the title The Living Dead it was branded a “video nasty” in the UK despite it being released in a truncated version.

Plot Summary

An experimental pest control device that uses to drive insects to kill each other is being tested in in the North of England. But the device also acts on the nervous systems of the recently dead and reanimates the inhabitants of a local cemetery. A mismatched group of characters find themselves up against an ever growing army of the undead.


Directed by: Jorge Grau
© 1974 Flaminia Produzioni Cinematografiche S.r.l., Rome
An Edmondo Amati production
Written by: Sandro Continenza, Marcello Coscia
Lighting Cameraman: Francisco Sempere
Film Editor: Vincenzo Tomassi
Music Composed & Conducted by: Giuliano Sorgini
Sound Recordist: Antonio Cardenas
Seamstress: Carmen de la Casa
Special Effects: Luciano Bird
Special Optical Effects by: Giannetto de Rossi
Production Designer: Carlo Leva
Art Director: Rafael Ferri
Filmed on location and at Cinecitta', Rome and Cinearte Studios, Madrid

Ray Lovelock [George Meaning]
Christine Galbo [real name: Cristina Galbo] [Edna]
Arthur Kennedy [McCormick]
Aldo Massasso (Kinsey)
Giorgio Trestini (Craig)
Roberto Posse (Benson)
José Ruiz Lifante (Martin)
Jeannine Mestre (Katie)
Gengher Gatti (Keith)
Fernando Hilbeck (Guthrie)
Vera Drudi (Mary)
Vincente Vega (Dr Duffield)
Paco Sanz (Perkins)
Paul Benson (Wood)
Anita Colby (nurse)
Joaquin Hinjosa (autopsy doctor)
Vito Salier (naked man)
Isabel Mestre (telephonist)

Alternative Titles

Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue – US title
Don't Open the Window – alternative US title
Fin de semana para los muertos – alternative title
Invasion der – West German title
Das Leichenhaus der lebenden Toten – West German title
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie – US title
Levende doden in het lijkenhuis – Dutch title
The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue – UK/US title
The Living Dead – UK video title
Le Massacre des morts-vivants – French title
No profanar el sueño de los muertos – Spanish title
No profanéis el sueño de los muertos – Spanish title
No profanes el sueño de los muertos – Spanish title
A Revanche dos Mortos-Vivos II – Brazilian title
Sdejen que los muertos duermen
Weekend per i morti – alternative Italian title
Zombi Epidromi apo to nekrotafeio – Greek title
Zombi 3 (Da Dove Vieni?) – Italian 1980 re-release title
Zumbi 3 – Brazilian title


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