Nightbeast (1983)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Don Dohler.

Plot Summary

A spaceship carring a highly aggressive alien creature crashlands near a small US town. The creature survives the crash and goes on the rampage, killing everything in its path.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Don Dohler
© 1982 Amazing Film Prods.
Amazing Film Productions presents a Don Dohler film
Producer: Don Dohler *
Associate Producers: Don Dohler, Dave Ellis, Peter Garey, Richard Geiwitz, Tom Griffith, Tony Malanowski, Larry Reichman, George Stover
Production Manager: Dave Ellis
Written by: Don Dohler
Story & Characters © 1982 Don Dohler
Assistant Director: Larry Reichman
2nd Assistant Director: Anthony Malanowski
Director of Photography: Richard Geiwitz
Additional Photography by: Don Dohler, Dave Ellis, Larry Reichman, Tony Malanowski
Edited by: Don Dohler
Prints by: Quality Film Labs, Inc.
Color Consultant: Pete Garey
Negative Cutter: Joan Insley
Music by: Rob Walsh, Jeffrey Abrams
Additional Music by: Arlon Ober, Leonard Rogowski, courtesy of Screenmusic West
Music & Sound Editors: Don Dohler, Dave Ellis
Sound Recording: Greg Dohler
Sound Effects by: Dave Ellis, Jeffrey Abrams, Don Dohler
Sound Mix: Lion & Fox Recording, Inc.
Engineer: Jim Fox
Make-Up Effects: Larry Schlechter, James Chai
Additional Make-Up Effects: David Donoho, Amodio Giordano
Beast Design by: John Dods
Pyrotechnic Effects: David Donoho
Graphic Animation Effects: Kinetic Image Productions, Ernest D. Farino
Titel Sequences by: Kinetic Image Productions
Sequence Created by: Kent Burton, Phil Cook, John Ellis
Spacecraft Design by: John Poreda
Police Car & Uniforms Designed by: Tom Griffith, Richard Geiwitz
Production Personnel: Anne Frith, Chris Gummer, Kim Dohler
Production Assistants: Joe Merenda, Missy Taylor, Dan Taylor, Dennis McGeehan, Don Leifert
Talent Coordinator: Pam Dohler
Location Coordinator: Anne Frith
Locations [Baltimore, Maryland, USA] Courtesy of: Mr & Mrs Frank Gummer, Mr & Mrs Bruce Brown, Sharon Martin, Jim & Barbara Mintfort, John Mintfort, Dr R. Adolph, Mr & Mrs Louis Frith
Stunts Performed by: Dennis McGeehan

Tom Griffith (Sheriff Cinder)
Jamie Zemarel (Jamie Lambert)
Karin Kardian (Lisa Kent)
George Stover (Steven Price)
Anne Frith (Ruth Sherman)
Eleanor Herman (Mary Jane)
Richard Dyszel (Mayor Bert Wicker)
Don Leifert as Drago
Greg Dohler, Kim Dohler (Greg & Kim)
Monica Neff (Suzie)
Glenn Barnes (Glenn)
Rose Wolfe (Glenn's girl)
Jerry Schuerholz, Hank Stuhmer, Fred Gibmeyer (hunters)
Richard Ruxton (Governor Embry)
Bump Roberts (Bill Perkins)
Don Michaels (Jimmy Perkins)
David Donoho (Uncle Dave)
Rick Ernest (governor's aide)
Richard Geiwitz (Pete)
Larry Reichman (Berkeley)
Chris Gummer (Clay)
Dave Parson (Wilton)
Chris Burke, Bill Wieman (Wilton's friends)
Richard Nelson (Krebs)
Gary Svehla, Dick Svehla (men who find Suzie)
Chris White, Dave Ellis, Steve Sandkuhler (laser victims)
Christine Herman, Toni Patti, Phyllis Hammond, John Merenda, Mary Hopkins, Charlotte Merenda, Maria Morris, Pam Dohler, Dennis McGeehan, Rick Hammontree, Martha Brown, Richard Christensen, Brenda Blanks, C.A. Murray, Norman Belbot (pool party guest)
Christopher Gummer, Dennis McGeehan (beast portrayed by)

Alternative Titles

Night Beast – alternative spelling
Nocna bestia – Poland
Terror from the Unknown – working title

See also
The Alien Factor (1977)



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