Night Voices: The Inner Room (1987)

UK, France,
colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Night Voices (1987)

A British/French horror television episode directed by Didier Haudepin.


Directed by: Didier Haudepin
HTV West in association with TF1, Hamster Films and Taurus
Executive Producer: Gerard Frereau
Produced by: Nicholas Traube, Gaspard de Chavagnac
Adapted by: Didier Haudepin
Based on a Story by: Robert Aickman
Script Executive: Jacques Salles

Leslie Azzoulai (Lena as a child)
June Barrie (first doll/mother's voice)
Kim Hicks (second doll/Constantin's voice)
Carol Kane (mother)
Jean-Francois Stevenin (father)
Marie Clifford (third doll/other voices)
Sabina Haudepin (Lena)
Eduard De Parcevaux (Constantin)
Eleonore Hirt (Opal)
Coralie Seyrig (Emerald)
Manuela Gourary (Garnet)
Claude Duneton (shopkeeper)
Andre Haudepin (mechanic)
Emma Sutton (Lena's voice)
Norman Bowler (father's voice)
Stuart Linden (other voices)