Night Train to Terror (1985)

USA, 1985
35mm films, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film. It is made of up extracts from Cataclysm (1980), directed by Phillip Marshak, Tom McGowan and Gregg Tallas, Death Wish Club (1983), directed by John Carr and footage from the unfinished Scream Your Head Off (1981), also directed by Carr. It also contains a brief scene from Byron Haskin’s The Power (1968) (a car driving off a bridge).

Plot Summary

God and Satan discuss the fates of three people while on a train journey. Harry Billings is kidnapped and incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital where he hypnotised into finding victims of an organ-harvesting operation; Greta Connors joins a death cult; and Claire Hansen becomes involved with an apprentice to the Devil.


* = uncredited

Director: Jay Schlossberg-Cohen (The Night Train and additional scenes); John Carr (The Case of Harry Billings, The Case of Gretta Connors); Tom McGowan, Phillip Marshakj, Greg Tallas (The Case of Claire Hansen)
© MCMLXXXV [1985] Visto International Inc.
Visto International Inc. presents
Executive Producer: William F. Messerli
Produced by: Jay Schlossberg-Cohen
Associate Producer: Gene Ruggiero
Screenplay by: Philip Yordan
Directors of Photography: Susan Maljan (The Night Train and additional scenes); Frank Byers (The Case of Harry Billings); Byron Wardlaw, Art Fitzsimmons (The Case of Gretta Connors); Art Fitzsimmons, Bruce Markoe (The Case of Claire Hansen)
Film Editor: Evan A. Stoliar (The Night Train and additional scenes); Steve Nielson (The Case of Harry Billings, The Case of Gretta Connors); Philip Marshak, Bruce Markoe (The Case of Claire Hansen)
Music by: Eddy Lawrence Manson *
Sound Recordists: Jon Ferro (The Night Train and additional scenes); David Brownlow (The Case of Harry Billings); Bobby D’Amora (The Case of Gretta Connors); Spary Dauterman (The Case of Claire Hansen)
Wardrobe Supervisor: Ilona Klein (The Night Train and additional scenes)
Wardrobe: Donna Reister (The Case of Harry Billings)
Costumes: Laurie Vandegraft (The Case of Claire Hansen)
Makeup: Pamela Peitzman, Donna Baker (The Night Train and additional scenes); Norm Keefer (The Case of Harry Billings, The Case of Gretta Connors)
Hair Stylist: Oleen Hyde (The Case of Harry Billings); Kayelyn Chapman (The Case of Gretta Connors)
Special Visual Effects: William R. Stromberg & Associates
Opticals: Greg Vanderveer
Effects Camera & Stop-Motion Animation: Anthony Doublin, William R. Stromberg
Art Directors: Ronald K. Crosby (The Case of Harry Billings); Robert Chatterton (The Case of Gretta Connors)

The Night Train and additional scenes
Barbara Wyler, Jamie Scoggin (couple at window)
Stacey Lyons, Linda Maderas, Melanie Montilla, Chantel Morogeus (four dancers)
Byron Yordan (rock singer/breakdancer)
Richard Sanford (bass)
Lori Bell (drums)
Marlie Clark (guitar)
Rick Arbuckle (sax)
Angela Nicoletti, Dina Lee Russo (singing girls)
Earl Washington (night porter)
Gabriel Whitehouse (conductor)
Lu Sifer [real name: Tony Giorgio] (Satan)
Himself [real name: Ferdy Mayne] (God)

The Case of Harry Billings
John Phillip Law (Harry Billings)
Charles Moll [real name: Richard Moll] (Otto)
Eva Hesse (Harry’s wife)
Sharon Ratcliff (Dr Fargo)
Arthur M. Braham (Dr Brewer)

The Case of Gretta Connors
J. Martin Sellers (George Youngmeyer)
Meridith Haze (Gretta Connors)
Rick Barnes (Glenn Marshall)
Anne Fairchild [real name: Toni Covington] (Contessa Pacelli)
Mark Ridley (Prince Flubutu)

The Case of Claire Hansen
Cameron Mitchell (the lieutenant)
Marc Lawrence (Mr Weiss/Dieter)
Faith Clift (Claire Hansen)
Robert Bristol (Olivier)
Charles Moll [real name: Richard Moll] (James Hansen)

Alternative Titles

Noche en el tren del terror – Spain
Shiver – USA (video)
Train express pour l’enfer – France
Tren nocturno al terror – Uruguay (video)
Поезд страха – Russia

Includes extracts from
Cataclysm (1980)
Death Wish Club (1984)
The Power (1968)



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