Night Tide (1961)

35mm film
mono (Westrex Recording System), English

An American horror film directed by Curtis Harrington.

Plot Summary

A young American sailor falls in love with a woman who may be a mermaid.


Directed by: Curtis Harrington
© [not given on screen]
A Phoenix film
Executive Producer: Jules Schwartz
Produced by: Aram Kantarian
Associate Producer: H. Duane Weaver
Written by: Curtis Harrington
Assistant Director: Karl Romaine
Photography: Vilis Lapenieks
Film Editor: Jodie Copelan
Music: David Raksin
Coffee House Music: Seaweed [by] Jimmy Bond; The Tell Tale Harp [by] David Raskin
Bongos: Chaino
Music Editor: Sid Sidney
Sound Editor: Marvin Walowitz
Production Design: Paul Mathison
Production Assistants: David Blewitt, David McDonald
Choreography: Benjamin Zemach

Dennis Hopper (Johnny Drake)
Linda Lawson as Mora
Gavin Muir (Captain Sam Murdock)
Luana Anders (Ellen Sands)
Marjorie Eaton (fortune-teller)
Tom Dillon (merry-go-round owner)
H.E. West (Lieutenant Henderson)
Ben Roseman
Cameron (woman in black)



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