Night Shadows (1984)

USA, 1984
Dolby Stereo, English

An American horror film directed by John ‘Bud’ Cardos who replaced Mark Rosman some time into filming. Production began on 11 August 1983 1Variety 24 August 1983 p.32

Plot Summary

Brothers Josh and Mike are touring the American south for their holiday when they stumble across a town where most of the locals are either dead or missing. Mike vanishes leaving Josh to team up with the local sheriff and a school teacher to find out the terrible truth – that the whole population has been contaminated by toxic waste and have transformed into zombie-like creatures.


Director: John ‘Bud’ Cardos; Mark Rosman (started film but was replaced by John Cardos and is uncredited)
Edward L. Montoro presents a Laurelwood Productions
Executive Producers: Edward L. Montoro, Henry Fownes
Producer: Igo Kantor
Script: Peter Z. Orton, Michael Jones, John C. Kruize
Story: Michael Jones, John C. Kruize
Director of Photography: Al Taylor
Editor: Michael J. Duthie
Music: Richard Band
Sound: Jim Hawkins
Wardrobe: Jacqueline Pinon
Make-up: Eric Fiedler, Louis Lazzara, Claudia Thompson
Hair: Brenda Shopher
Prosthetics: Dave Miller
Special Effects: Paul Stewart
Art Director: Tony Kupersmith

Wings Hauser (Josh Cameron)
Bo Hopkins (Sheriff Will Stewart)
Jody Medford (Holly Pierce)
Lee Montgomery (Mike Cameron)
Marc Clement (Albert Hogue)
Cary Guffey (Billy)
Jennifer Warren (Dr Myra Tate)
Danny Nelson (Jack)
Mary Nell Santacroce (Mrs Mapes)
Stuart Culpepper (Mel)
Johnny Popwell Sr (Captain Tom Dawson)
Ralph Redpath (Vic)
Larry Quackenbush (Harve)
Ralph Pace (Art)
Wallace Wilkinson (Mr Mitchell)
Charles Franzen (E.P.A. Man)
Lit Connah (Mrs Miller)
Jerry Rushing, Chester Clark, Joshua Lee Patton (Albert’s gang)
Pat Moss (Penelope Mapes)
Tina Kincaid (Judy Ann)

Alternative Titles

Mutant – Italy, UK, USA (video), working title
Muukalainen – Finland
La nuit des mutants – France (television)
Ombre nella notte – Italy
Pestilence – working title
Toxic Waste – working title

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