Night Owl (1993)

USA, 1990
75m 22s (UK), 77m
16mm film, black and white

An American horror film directed by Jeffrey Arsenault.

Plot Summary

A vampire is slaughtering young women in the East Village and nothing seems to be able to stop him. Then Angel turns up looking for his sister, who has already fallen foul of the vampire's depradations.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Jeffrey Arsenault
© Franco Productions
Franco Productions presents
Produced by: Jeffrey Arsenault
Co-producer: June Lang
Associate Producer: Harriet Atkins
Written by: Jeffrey Arsenault
Cinematography: Pierre Clavel, Howard Krupa, Neil Shapiro
Edited by: Jeffrey Arsenault
Music by: Mark Styles and Rubio Hernandez
Sound: Evan Eisenberg, Jan McLaughlin
Make-up Designs by: Skiba
Locations: New York City, New York, USA *

John Leguizamo (Angel)
Lisa Napoli (Frances)
David Roya (Dario)
Ali Thomas (Anne)
James Raftery (Jake)
Holly Woodlawn (barfly)
Yul Vazquez (Tomas)
Karen Wexler (Zohra)
Screamin' Rachel (herself)
Caroline Munro [herself]
Skiba (woman in alley)
Charles Verde (Charlie)
Michael Musto (club M.C.)
Mark Carbonaro, Tom Mercante, Meredith Jacobson (bartenders)
Suzen Murakoshi (woman at bar)
Burt Robinson (man at bar)
Alyce Wittenstein, Steveo, Joe Clarke (bar patrons)
Lucy (herself)



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