Night of the Zombies (1981)

USA, 1981
75m (German video), 88m
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Joel M. Reed. A 1979 edition of the French magazine L'Ecran fantastique carries a listing for Gamma 693, this film's working title, which has the same plot but a different director and cast: Frank Martin is listed as director and the cast includes George Wilson, Sharon Carr and Richard Clark. Even the production company is different, Douglas Winston Enterprises. 1L'Ecran Fantastique no.10 (1979) p.33. It is possible that the listing is for a completely different film though no film seems to exist with that combination of director and cast.

Plot Summary

agent Nick Monroe is sent to in search of a missing consignment of the deadly Gamma 693. He finds that the gas is being used by a battalion of undead GIs who have discovered the gas' life-prolonging properties and who are now looking to take over the world.


Director: Joel M. Reed
Producer: Lorin E. Price
Script: Joel M. Reed
Director of Photography: Ron Dorfman
Supervising Editor: Victor Kanefsky
Editor: Samuel Pollard
Music: Onomatopoeia Inc, Matt Kaplowitz, Maggie Nolin
Sound: Chat Gunter, Alvar Stugard
Costumers: Janes Costumes
Make Up: David E. Smith
Special Effects: Peter Kunz

Jamie Gillis (Nick Monroe)
Ryan Hilliard (Dr Proud)
Ron Armstrong (Police Captain Fleck)
Shoshana Ascher (prostitute)
Dick Carballo (bearded man at bar)
Richard De Faut (sergeant)
Alphones De Noble (CIA agent)
Samantha Grey (Susan Proud)
Juni Kulis (GRO officer)
Lorin E. Price (priest)
Joel M. Reed (neo-Nazi CIA informer)
Renate Schlessinger (madame)
Kuno Sponholtz (doorman)
John Barilla
Michael Casconi
Gordon C. Dixon
Bob Laconi
Charlene Matus
Lee Moore
Glen A. Pence
Donald K. Wallace
Bill Williams
Carl Woerner
Kai Wulff

Alternative Titles

The Chilling
Battalion of the Living Dead
Gamma 693
Haudan takaa
– Finland
Die Nacht der
– Germany (video)
Night of the Wermacht Zombies
Night of the Zombies II
Sister of Death



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