Night of the Hunter (1955)

USA, 1955
35mm film, black and white, 1.66:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Charles Laughton.

Plot Summary

A religious fanatic marries a widow hoping to find her late husband’s $10,000 in stolen cash but finds her children more of a challenge than he expected.


Directed by: Charles Laughton
Copyright MCMLV [1955] Paul Gregory Productions
Paul Gregory Productions present
Produced by: Paul Gregory
Screen Play by: James Agee
From the Novel by: Davis Grubb
Photography by: Stanley Cortez
Film Editor: Robert Golden
Music by: Walter Schumann
Sound: Stanford Naughton
Wardrobe: Jerry Bos
Makeup: Don Cash
Hair Stylist: Kay Shea
Special Photographic Effects: Jack Rabin, Louis De Witt
Art Direction by: Hilyard Brown

Robert Mitchum (Preacher Harry Powell)
Shelley Winters (Willa Harper)
Lillian Gish (Miss Rachel Cooper)
James Gleason (Uncle Birdie)
Evelyn Varden (Icey Spoon)
Peter Graves (Ben Harper)
Don Beddoe (Walter ‘Walt’ Spoon)
Billy Chapin (John Harper)
Sally Jane Bruce (Pearl Harper)
Gloria Castilo (Ruby)

Alternative Titles

Caniler avcisi – Turkey
De Jagersnacht – Belgium (Flemish)
Jegeren i mørket – Norway
Kariudo no yoru – Japan
Kludedukken – Denmark
Leylat alsayyad – Egypt
Mensageiro do Diabo – Brazil
O Mensageiro do Diabo – Brazil (alternative)
La morte corre sul fiume – Italy
Die Nacht des Jägers – Austria, Germany, West Germany
The Night of the Hunter – Canada
La nit del caçador – Spain (Catalan)
Noaptea Vanatorului – Romania
Noc lovca – Serbia, Slovenia
Noc mysliwego – Poland
La noche del cazador – Argentina, Mexico, Spain
La nuit du chasseur – Belgium (France), France
I nyhta tou kynigou – Greece (re-release)
Räsynukke – Finland
Shab-e shekarchi – Iran
A Sombra do Caçador – Portugal
O thanatopoinitis me to simadi – Greece
Trasdockan – Finland (Swedish), Sweden
A vadász éjszakája – Hungary



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