Night of the Creeps (1986)

USA, 1986
35mm film, colour, black and white, Dolby
English, Dolby Stereo

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Fred Dekker.

Plot Summary

In 1959, a frat boy is infected by an alien experiment that crashes to Earth in a small American town. The body is frozen but reanimated in the 1980s and the alien it contains start to run riot through the campus, turning students into zombies.


Directed by: Fred Dekker
© 1986 Tri-Star Pictures, Inc.
Tri-Star Pictures presents a Charles Gordon production. A Fred Dekker film
Executive Producer: William Finnegan
Produced by: Charles Gordon
Associate Producer: Donna Smith
Written by: Fred Dekker
Director of Photography: Robert C. New
Edited by: Michael N. Knue
Music by: Barry De Vorzon
Sound Mixer: James Thornton
Costume Designer: Eileen Kennedy
Make-up Artist: Kyle Rae Tucy
Hairstylist: Frankie Campbell
Make-up Effects and Creeps Design by: David B. Miller
Creeps Supervisor Dimension Animation Effects: Ted Rae
Special Effects: Roger George
Special Visual Effects by: David Stipes Productions, Inc.
Production Designer: George Costello
Casting: Ilene Starger

Jason Lively (Chris)
Steve Marshall (J.C.)
Jill Whitlow (Cynthia [Cronenberg])
Tom Atkins (Detective Ray Cameron)
Wally Taylor (Detective Landis)
Bruce Solomon (Sgt. Raimi)
Vic Polizos (coroner)
Allan J. Kayser (Brad)
Ken Heron (Johnny)
Alice Cadogan (Pam)
June Harris (Karen)
David Paymer (young scientist)
David Oliver (Steve)
Dick Miller ( armorer)
Evelyne Smith (house mother)
Ivan E. Roth (psycho zombie)
Daniel Frishman (alien zombie)
Kevin Thompson (alien pursuer #1)
Joseph S. Griffo (alien pursuer #2)
Katherine Britton (sorority girl on phone)
Leslie Ryan (sorority girl with hairbrush)
Dave Alan Johnson (young Roy Cameron)

Alternative Titles

Dimensione terrore – Italy
Homecoming Night – working title
Lötköjen yö – Finland
Die Nacht der Creeps – West Germany
Noc pelzaczy – Poland
El terror llama a su puerta – Spain

Includes extracts from
Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958)

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