Night Key (1937)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American borderline science fiction film directed by Lloyd Corrigan.

Plot Summary

Inventor David Mallory has created a revolutionary new burglar alarm based on radio waves but it has been stolen by his for,ker business partner. Losing his eyesight and desperate to protect his beloved daughter, Mallory refines the system and uses it to bypass the now commercially available alarm to prove that the device works. But he is abducted by a criminal gang who force him to use his invention for profit by threatening the life of his daughter.


Directed by: Lloyd Corrigan
Copyright MCMXXXVII [1937] by Universal Pictures Company, Inc.
Universal Pictures. Realart Pictures, Inc. presents [re-release]
Associate Producer: Robert Presnell
Screen Play: Tristram Tupper, John C. Moffitt
Original Story by: William Pierce
Photographer: George Robinson
Film Editor: Otis Garrett
Musical Director: Lou Forbes
Sound: Jess A. Moulin, Jesse T. Bastian
Western Electric Mirrophonic Recording
Make-up: Jack P. Pierce *
Special Effects: John P. Fulton
Art Directors: Jack Otterson
Associate [Art Director]: Loren Patrick

Boris Karloff (David Mallory)
J. Warren Hull (Jim Travers)
Jean Rogers (Joan Mallory)
Alan Baxter (“The Kid” [John Baron])
Hobart Cavanaugh (“Petty Louie”)
Samuel Hinds (Steven Ranger)
David Oliver (“Mike” [Callahan])
Ward Bond (“Fingers”)
Frank Reicher (Carl)
Edwin Maxwell (Lawyer Kruger)

Alternative Titles

Alarma en la ciudad – Spanish title
La chiave misteriosa – Italian title
O Frankenstein aihmalotos – Greek title
Nachtschlüssel – Austrian title


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