Night, after Night, after Night. (1969)

Title card for Night, after Night, after Night. (1969)

UK, 1969
35m, colour
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Lindsay Shonteff using the pseudonym Lewis J. Force.

Plot Summary

Detective Inspector Bill Rowan investigations into the murders of a number of young women send him in pursuit of chief suspect Pete Laver, a convicted rapist. When Rowan’s wife Jenny falls to the killer’s blade and victims six and seven have been similarly dispatched, a distraught Rowan engineers Laver’s arrest and he’s set to be tried by Judge Charles Lomax, a notoriously harsh sentencer of sex offenders. But Lomax suffers a breakdown mid-trial and is discovered in a secret chamber by his misogynist clerk, Carter donning a black wig and leathers. Rowan realises late in the day that Lomax is the serial killer…


Directed by: Lewis J. Force [real name: Lindsay Shonteff]
© Dudley Birch Films 2024
Butcher’s Film Distributors present
Produced by: James Mellor
Production Manager: Walter James
Story & Script: Dail Ambler
Assistant Director: Ernie Lewis
Director of Photography: Douglas Hill
Camera Operator: John Shann
Film Editor: John Rushton
Music and ‘Helena’s Theme‘ Composed and Conducted by: Douglas Gamley
Sound Recordist: Robert Cox
Sound Editor: Peter Compton
Dubbing Mixer: Trevor Pyke
Wardobe: Pat Fisher
Make Up: Elenor Jones
Art Director: Wilfred Arnold
Filmed on location in London, England

Jack May (Judge [Charles] Lomax)
Justine Lord (Helena Lomax)
Gilbert Wynne (Inspector [Bill] Rowan)
Donald Sumpter (Pete Laver)
Gary Hope [in opening titles but not closing titles]
Linda Marlowe (Jenny Rowan)
Jack Smethurst (chief inspector)
Terry Scully (Carter)
Peter Forbes-Robertson (Powell)
Jacqueline Clerk (Josie Leach)
Michael Nightingale (solicitor)
John Gabriel (counsel)
Elizabeth Murray (Marion Brown)
Walter Horsbrugh (doctor)
Simon Lack (counsel)
Bernard G. High (witness)
Gary Hope, Roy Skelton (counsels)
Carol Haddon (1st prostitute)
Yvonne Paul (2nd prostitute)
April Harlow (1st stripper)
Shirley Easton (2nd stripper)

Alternative Titles

Evil Is… – working title
He Kills Night After Night After Night
Il mostro delle notti di Londra – Italy
Night Slasher
Yö yön jälkeen – Finland


Kinematograph Weekly no.3254 (21 February 1970) p.28
Simple melodrama with a spice of blood, sex, and insanity, this will pass in most situations. X fare for the uncritical. […] The plot is a pretty heavy amalgam of false clues and values, but the identity of the mad murderer is not likely to puzzle practised audiences, in spite of contrived red herrings such as making the judge’s clerk a wild-eyed, but harmless, sexual pervert. The main story of mystery, murder and detection is unnecessarily held up by inclusion of love scenes illustrating Pete Laver’s lusty habits and the ending is anti climax. That experienced actor Jack May gives the part of Judge Lomax all the essential melodramatic overtones and Gilbert Wynne walks competently through the role of Inspector Rowan. Donald Sumpter enjoys a far meatier character as Pete Laver, and Justine Lord combines beauty and worry as the judge’s neglected wife. – from a review by Graham Clarke



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