Next of Kin (1982)

Australia, New Zealand,
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

An Australian horror film directed by Tony Williams.

Plot Summary

Linda returns to her small home town to take over the home for the elderly left to her by her recently deceased mother. She soon learns that her mother had come to suspect that someone was watching her – and the elderly people in her care were certainly dying in unusual ways. Now the deaths continue, and Linda also starts to believe that she's being watched…


Director: Tony Williams
Film House, SIS
Producer: Robert Le Tet
Co-Producer: Timothy White
Script: Michael Heath, Tony Williams
Director of Photography: Gary Hansen
Editor: Max Lemon
Music: Klaus Schulze
Sound Recordist: Gary Wilkins
Make-up: Elizabeth Fardon
Hair: Suzie Clements
Special Effects Director: Chris Murray
Art Directors: Richard Francis, Nick Hepworth

Jacki Kerin (Linda)
John Jarratt (Barney)
Alex Scott (Dr Barton)
Gerda Nicolson (Connie)
Charles McCallum (Lance)
Bernadette Gibson (Rita/Mrs Ryan)
Robert Ratti (Kelvin)
Vince Deltito (Nico)
Tommy Dysart (Harry)
Debra Lawrance (Carol)
Kristina Marshall (Linda (aged 4))
Simon Thorpe (C.F.A. speaker)
David Allshorn, Alan Rowe (service club men)
Matt Burns (Mr Collins)
Daphne Miller (Freda)
Isobel Harley (Paula)
Eunice Crimp (Cookoo)
Irene Hewitt (maid)
Myrtle Woods, Vic Gordon, Peter Lord, Ernest Wilson, John Strahan, Bill Marr (Montclare residents)
John Bishop (truckie)
Mitchell Faircloth (cafe man)

Alternative Titles

Montclare – Erbe des Grauens – West Germany
Montclare: Rendez-vous de l'horreur – France
Ondskapens hus – Norway (video)



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