New Wave Hookers III (1993)

USA, 1993

An American pornographic fantasy film directed by Gregory Dark.

Plot Summary

Women are treated for sexual difficulties at a facility using music but has a strange effect on the newest patient


Directed by: Gregory Dark
VCA Pictures
Written by: Alexander Haight
Director of Photography: Alex Dark
Editor: Kunga Sludge [real name: James Avalon]
Music by: Ozzy Muzo, Patrick Off
Wardrobe: Janine Miller
Production Designer: Suzee Dee

Danyel Cheeks
Nikki Dial
Jon Dough
Jeanna Fine
Leanna Foxxx
Heather Hart
Cal Jammer
Francesca Le
Tiffany Million
Brittany O'Connell
Cody O'Connor
Devon Shire [real name: Jennifer Peace]
Lacy Rose
Rocco Siffredi
P.J. Sparxx
Tony Tedeschi
Terry Thomas
Marc Wallice
Crystal Wilder

Alternative Titles

New wave hookers 3 – Swedish title

Sequel to
New Wave Hookers (1985)
New Wave Hookers 2 (1991)

New Wave Hookers 4 (1995)
New Wave Hookers 5 (1997)
New Wave Hookers 6 (2000)
New Wave Hookers Seven (2003)

Extracts Included in
Deep Inside Crystal Wilder (1995)