New Wave Hookers 2 (1991)

USA, 1991

An American pornographic fantasy film directed by Gregory Dark.


Directed by: Gregory Dark
VCA Pictures
Written by: Bill Miller [real name: James Avalon]
Director of Photography: Alex Dark
Editor: Bill Miller [real name: James Avalon]
Sound: Mike Rafonne [real name: Mike Raphone]
Make-up: Marilyn Watson
Set Designer: Mr. C

Madison (Kimberly)
Danielle Rogers (hooker with messy guy)
Ashley Nicole (Baptized Hooker)
Jamie Leigh (Security Officer 39)
Sandra Scream (downtime hooker)
Patricia Kennedy (Number Eight)
Savannah (hooker with lamp guy)
Cameo (Atlantean trainee)
Ricky Lee (Number Eleven)
April Rayne (hooker with lamp guy)
Amanda Stone (downtime hooker)
Rip Hymen (‘L')
Jack Baker (Little Willie)
Peter North (first trick in alley)
Joey Silvera (guy with Eleven)
Marc Wallice (baptizer/donated guy)
T.T. Boy (lamp guy)
Randy West (baptizer)
Tony Montana (baptizer/security officer)
Tom Chapman (second trick in alley)

Alternative Titles

Las chicas punk 2 – Venezuela
Dark Bros'. New Wave Hookers 2
A Nova Geração 2
– Brazil

Sequel to
New Wave Hookers (1985)

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