New Wave Hookers (1985)

mono, English

An American pornographic fantasy film directed by Gregory Dark. After Traci Lords was revealed to have been under age at the time she made the film, it was withdrawn from sale and subsequently re-issued with Lords' sequence edited out and the original video sleeve replaced with one featuring an image of co-star Ginger Lynn.

Plot Summary

Two men dream about running an escort agency where the women in their employ become aroused while listening to new wave music.


Directed by: Gregory Dark
© [not given on screen]
Dark Brothers Entertainment
Executive Producer: Walter Dark
Produced by: Gregory Dark
Associate Producers: Kitty Dark, Joan Orleans
Written by: Gregory Dark, Platinum Fire
Director of Photography: Junior “Speedy” Bodden [real name: John Bodden]
Lighting Designer: Lionel Kooze
Second Camera: Steve Hairless
Still Photographer: Steve Tyler
Editor: Jane Waters
Music by: The Plugz
Additional Music by: The Sockets
Music Editor: Nicole Foxx
Sound: Mark Hammer
Boom: Mary Marie
Sound Editor: Nicole Foxx
Make Up: Jim Bridges
Set Designers: Pez D. Spenser, Sandy Wastes
Casting Consultants: Malcolm Dane, Alan Bursteen

Traci Lords ()
Ginger Lynn (college geeks' hooker)
Desiree Lane (roller skating hooker)
Kristara Barrington (hooker)
Kimberly Carson, Brooke Fields (Sheik's hookers)
Gina Carrera (hooker)
Jamie Gillis (Jimmy)
Jack Baker (Jamal)
Tom Byron (college geek)
Steve Powers as the dog
Peter North (Sheik)
Rick Cassidy (Angel)
Greg Rome
Steven Drake

Alternative Titles

Las chicas punk – Venezuelan title
Devil by the Tail – European English language DVD title
Le diable par la queue – French title
Geração New Wave, Sexo New Wave – Brazilian title
Vortice erotico – Italian title

New Wave Hookers 2 (1991)
New Wave Hookers III (1993)
New Wave Hookers 4 (1994)
New Wave Hookers 5 (1997)
New Wave Hookers 6 (2000)
New Wave Hookers Seven (2003)

Extracts Included In
X-Rated Ambition: The Traci Lords Story (2003)

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  • The X-Rated Videotape Guide Volume I pp.393-394 – credits, review