Necronomicon (1993)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
Dolby Stereo, English

An American anthology horror film directed by Brian Yuzna, Christophe Gans and Shusuke Kaneko.

Plot Summary

H.P.Lovecraft visits a library run by monks to consults the fabled . He takes notes for some new stories, three of which are then dramatised. In The Drowned, a soldier returns home to find that his uncle has made a pact with . In The Cold, a Boston reporter researches a series of killings that seem to have been committed by a mad scientist. And in Whispers, a policewoman crashes her car in urban Philadelphia and is attacked by an old couple and their .


Directed by: Brian Yuzna (The Library/Whispers), Christophe Gans (The Drowned), Shusuke Kaneko (The Cold)
© 1993 Necronomicon Films, Inc.
Samuel Hadida presents a Davis Films/Brian Yuzna production in association with Pioneer Entertainment America, Ozla Pictures
Executive Producer: Taka Ichise
Produced by: Samuel Hadida, Brian Yuzna
Co-producer: Aki Komine
Line Producer: Gary Schmoeller
Screenplay by: Brent V. Friedman (The Library/Whispers), Christophe Gans, Brent V. Friedman (The Drowned), Kazunori Ito, Brent V. Friedman (The Cold)
Story by: Brian Yuzna, Brent V. Friedman (The Library/Whispers)
Based on short stories by: H.P. Lovecraft
DP: Gerry Lively (The Cold/Whispers/The Library)
Director of Photography: Russ Brandt (The Drowned)
Supervising Editor: Chris Roth (The Cold/The Drowned)
Editor: Keith Sauter (Whispers)
Music: Joseph Loduca, Daniel Licht
Sound Mixer: Geoffrey Patterson; Ken Ross (The Cold)
Costume Designer: Ida Gearon
Make-up/Hair: Lisa Buono
Special Make-up Effects Supervisor: Thomas C. Rainone
Make-up Effects: Screaming Mad George, Chris Robbins, Misa Gardner (The Cold); Tom Savini (The Drowned); Optic Nerve, John Vulich; Todd Masters (Whispers/The Library)
Special Photography Effects: G. Bruno Stempel
Special Visual Effects: Dave Domeyer
Physical Effects: Bruno Stempel
Miniatures: David Sharp
Animation Effects: Bret Mixon
Production Designer: Tony Tremblay
Visual Consultant: George Fromentin

The Library
Jeffrey Combs (H.P. Lovecraft)
Tony Azito (librarian)
Juan Fernández (attendant)
Brian Yuzna (cabbie)

The Downed
Bruce Payne (Edward De La Pore)
Richard Lynch (Jethro De La Pore)
Belinda Bauer (Nancy Gallmore)
Maria Ford (Clara)
Peter Jasienski (Jethro's son)
Denice D. Lewis (Emma De La Pore)
William Jess Russell (doctor)
Vladimir Kulich (villager)

The Cold
David Warner (Dr Madden)
Bess Meyer (Emily Osterman)
Millie Perkins (Lena)
Dennis Christopher (Dale Porkel)
Gary Graham (Dale Porker)
Curt Lowens (Mr Hawkins)
James Paradise (policeman)
Sebastian White (policeman)

Signy Coleman (Sarah)
Obba Babatundé (Paul)
Don Calfa (Mr Benedict)
Judith Drake (Mrs Benedict)

Alternative Titles

H.P. Lovecrafts Necronomicon – Germany
H.P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon, Book of the Dead – USA (video)
El libro de los muertos – Venezuela
Necronomicon – O Livro Proibido dos Mortos – Brazil
Necronomicon: Book of Dead – alternative title
Necronomicon: El libro de la muerte – Mexico
Necronomicon: I ekdikisi ton nekron – Greece (DVD)
Nekronomikon – A holtak könyve – Hungary

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