Necromancy (1972)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Bert I. Gordon. The 1983 re-release, under the title The Witching, added a black mass scene at the very start of the film.

Plot Summary

In the town of Lilith, Mr Cato heads a witches' coven and pursues Lori Brandon, whose occult powers he needs to raise his son from the dead.


Directed by: Bert I. Gordon
Additional Photography Directed by: Yakov Bentsvi
© MCMLXXXIII [1983] Associates Entertainment International [The Witching version]
A Zenith International Pictures production
Additional Photography Produced by Premier Productions, Ltd. and Associates Entertainment International presentation [sic]
Executive Producer: Mark E. Cohen
Produced by: Sidney L. Caplan, Gail March
Written by: Bert I. Gordon, Gail March
Director of Photography: Winton Hoch
Additional Photography Director of Photography: Eugene G. Shlugleit
Editors: John Woelz, Terry Chiappe
Music Composed by: Rob Walsh
Sound Mixer: Alfred Overton
Additional Photography Sound Mixer: David Waelder
Costume Supervisor: Bernie Pollack
Makeup: Don Schoenfeld
Additional Photography Makeup: Julie Fischer
Hair Stylist: Lynn Del Kail
Additional Photography Hair Dresser: Joyce Aronson
Special Makeup Effects: William Tuttle
Special Effects: William “Dutch” Vanderbyl
Art Director: Frank Sylos
Filmed at: Samuel Goldwyn Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles and No. California
Casting: Brown-Murray Associates
Additional Photography Casting: Jacob Bresler

Orson Welles (Mr Cato)
Pamela Franklin (Lori)
Michael Ontkean (Frank)
Lee Purcell (Priscilla)
Harvey Jason (Dr Jay)
Lisa James (Georgette)
Sue Bernard (Nancy)

Additional Cast (1983 re-issue)
Terry Quinn (Cato's son)
Stephen Knight (high priest)
Anna Berglund (assistant to high priest)
Barbara Peckinpaugh (Jennie)
Anne Gaybis (spirit)
Angela Marie, Stephen mayer, Hugo Huber, Jeffrey Reagan, Cybal Del Vecchio, Laurie Senit, Leesi Heasler, Valerie Fredericks (witches (sic) coven)
Debbie McKay, Joyce Aronson, Kevin Michaels, Kim Levy, Jeanne Metter, Derrick Bunch, Carl Solomon, Berinka Stevens [real name: Brinke Stevens], Darlene Orlando, Sal Orlando (black sabbath)

Alternative Titles

Horror-Attack – West Germany
A Life for a Life
Magia nera – Italy
Noituus – Finland
Il potere di Satana – Italy
Rosemary's Disciples – USA (video)
Le streghe della luna near – Italy (television)
The Toy Factory
The Witching – 1983 reissue



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