Natas: The Reflection (1983)

35mm film, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The

An American horror film directed by Jack Dunlap.

Plot Summary

A reporter investigates the Native American legend of Natas and finds himself in a Western ghost town where the undead residents still walk the streets.


Directed by: Jack Dunlap
Arizona/West Film Productions, Inc. offices in Tucson, Arizona copyright 1983
Arizona/West Film Productions present
Executive Producers: Jack Dunlap, Peggy Dunlap
Producer Associate: Ron Dutton
Associate Producers: Charles Baumann, Charles Branin, Ray Lambert, Bud Mason
Production Coordinator: Peggy Dunlap
Screenplay by: Jack Dunlap
First Assistant Director: Todd Mitzman
Second Assistant Director: Jackie Fuller
Script Supervisor: Sibylle Aldridge
Director of Photography: Donavan D. Bell
Camera Operator: Don Bell
Assistant Cameraman: Terry Hall
Gaffer: Herb Morris
Key Grip: Cliff Dalton
First Grip: Armando Quiroz
Generator Operator: Jim Haughlum
Still Photographer: Leo Hohler
Editing: D.B.B. Editorial Services
Post Services: Filmkraft/Wally Soul
Lab Services: Foto-Kem Industries
Music by: Mitchell Markham
Sound Mixer: Bill Frasier
Boom Man: Rod Stewart
Post Sound Services: Quality Sound
Makeup and Hair: Joyce Clements
Wardrobe: Jean Brook
Special Makeup and Effects: Chris Bergshneider
Assistant Special Makeup: Regina Gagliano
Special Effects: Ray Robinson, Jim Haughlum
Visual Electronic Effects and Titles: Ruxton Limited, Image Transfer
Props/Set Dressing: Ken Cerny
Construction: Conrad Slonaker
Production Assistants: Jerry Crutsinger, Terry Graybeal, Bobby Graybeal, Rea Orcutt, Will Strickland, Pat Bradford
Wrangler: Jim Evans
Transportation Captain: Ted Buford
Drivers: Don Getzwiller, Fargo Graham, Pat Knapp, Harold Sargent, John Warner
Honeywagon/Transportation: Jack Vaughn – Tucson, Arizona
Limousine Hostess: Carolyn Gervais
Camera Equipment: Ray Baxter – Phoenix, Arizona
Grip Equipment: Arizona Cine – Tucson, Arizona
Catering by: The Hilton Inn of Tucson; Ruiz's Cafe of Benson, Arizona; The Peak Trading Post – Picacho, Arizona
Filmed on location at City of Tucson; Picacho Peak, Arizona; Mescal, Arizona (an “Old Tucson” set)
A Special Thanks to: Bosa Donuts; Coca Cola Bottling, Tucson; Shamrock Dairy; Finley Distributing Company; Bob's Bargain Barn; Coronado Apartments; Arizona Historical Society; City of Tucson Parks and Recreation; The Hilton Inn of Tucson; Allstate Limousine Service; K-CUB Radio of Tucson
Stunts: Bob Cota
Casting by: J. Dunlap and Associates

Randy Mulkey (Steve)
Pat Bolt (Terry)
Craig Hensley (Jay)
Kelli Kuhn (Angie)
Fred Perry (Spec)
109 year old Nino Cochise (Smohalla)
Tom Martinelli (Natas)
Bob Cota (the killer)

Ghost Town
Richard Aufmuth (gambler)
Jerry Crutsinger (doctor)
Leslie Donnelly (prospector)
Gloria Goodman (saloon girl 1)
Ted Karadenes (marshall)
Tom Martinelli (barkeep)
Rea Orcutt (saloon girl 2)
Will Strickland (gunfighter)

Roy Gunzburg (storekeeper)
Leo Hohler (rancher)
Frieda Smith (old woman)
Billie Cameron (mama)
Adam Dutton (boy)
April Dutton (girl)
Mary Kested (saloongirl 3)
David Jankowski (undertaker)
Stoney Quinto Sr (banker)
Stoney Quinto Jr (worker)
Charlie Smith (papa)
Alex Duncan (Lynoff)
Jim Sanders (Dr Cord)



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