Naked Evil (1966)

UK, 1966
79m, 7080 feet
35mm, black and white
mono (RCA Sound Recording), English

A British horror film directed by Stanley Goulder. An American re-edit of the film, titled Exorcism at Midnight (1966), was overseen by an uncredited Al Adamson and featured new footage.

Plot Summary

In the Midlands, Detective Hollis is given the unenviable task of investigating a series of murders among West Indian gang members. Beside each body has been found an Obi, a small bottle full of grave dirt and chicken feathers, the destruction of which is said to release the evil spirit it houses, spelling death for the recipient. At a loss to explain the crimes let alone solve them, Hollis turns to local padre and expert on Jamaican voodoo beliefs, Goodman who reveals that his churchyard has recently been desecrated. Hollis’ investigations eventually lead him to a nearby hostel for West Indian students where an obi has been found next to the body of the building’s manager, Benson. One of the residents, Danny has been distributing the obis on behalf of the mysterious Amazon who subsequently hangs himself before he can be arrested. But his spirit possesses the hostel’s secretary, Dick Alderson and Goodman has to perform an exorcism to drive the spirit out.


Directed by: Stanley Goulder
© MCMLXVI [1966] by Gibraltar Films Limited
A co-production of Protelco Films and Gibraltar Films Ltd. A Gibraltar Film production
Executive Producer: Steven Pallos
Produced by: M.F. Johnson
Co-Producers: Richard Gordon and Gerald A. Fernback
Production Manager: Denis Johnson Jnr
Written by: Stanley Goulder
Based on the play The Obi by Jon Manchip White
Assistant Director: Malcolm M. Johnson
Continuity: Lorna Selwyn
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Faithfull
Camera Operator: Len Harris
Editor: Peter Musgrave
Music Composed & Conducted by: Bernard Ebbinghouse
Sound Recordist: Clive Winter
Make-up: Stella Morris
Hairdresser: Mervyn Medalie
Art Directors: George Provis, Denys Pavitt
Made at: Rayant Studios, Bushey Heath, Herts, England

Basil Dignam (Benson)
Anthony Ainley (Dick Alderson)
Suzanne Neve (Janet)
Richard Coleman (Hollis)
Olaf Pooley (Goodman)
George A. Saunders (Danny)
Carmen Munroe (Beverley)
Brylo Ford (Amazon)
Bari Jonson (Spadey)
Dan Jackson (Lloyd)
Oscar James (Dupree)
Ronald Bridges (Wilkins)

Alternative Titles

The Obi

See also
Exorcism at Midnight (1966)



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