Nabonga Gorilla (1944)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by Sam Newfield.

Plot Summary

Ray Gorman travels to Africa in order to clear his late father's name, looking for the money embezzled from his father's bank. He finds it with the “white witch” Doreen, daughter of the embezzler who had died many years before. Doreen is guarded by a ferocious gorilla, Nabonga.


Directed by: Sam Newfield
© MCMXLIV by PRC Pictures, Inc.
PRC Pictures presents a Producers Releasing Corporation picture
Produced by: Sigmund Neufeld
Original Story and Screenplay by: Fred Myton
Director of Photography: Robert Cline
Film Editor: Holbrook N. Todd
Music Score: Willy Stahl
Sound Engineer: Corson Jowett
Special Effects: Gene Stone
Set Designer: Paul Palmentola

Buster Crabbe (Ray Gorman)
Barton MacLane (Carl Hurst)
Fifi D'Orsay (Marie)
Julie London (Doreen Stockwell)
Bryant Washburn (hunter)
Herbert Rawlinson ([T.F.] Stockwell)
Prince Modupe (Tobo)
Jackie Newfield (Doreen (as a child))
Nbongo (gorilla) 1Though credited on screen as Nbongo, the gorilla was actually played by Ray “Crash” Corrigan

Alternative Titles

Aihmalotoi tis zouglas – Greece
Fils de King Kong – Belgium (French)
The Jungle Woman – UK
Nabonga – alternative title
Nabonga [Gorilla] – US (advertising)
Nabonga, djurens konung – Sweden
Die Rache des Gorilla – Germany



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