Mystery and Imagination: The Tractate Middoth (1966)

UK, 26 February 1966
Series 1, episode 5
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Mystery and Imagination (1966-1970)

A British horror television episode directed by Kim Mills.

Plot Summary

A young library assistant becomes involved with a mother and daughter trying to track down a missing will after encountering a ghost


Director: Kim Mills
Production Company: ABC Television
Producer: Jonathan Alwyn
Script Editor: Terence Feely
Written by: Denis Webb
Based on the Story by: M.R. James
Designer: Stan Woodward

David Buck (Richard Beckett)
Norman Scace (John Eldred)
Jerry Verno (Hodgson)
Tim Preece (Earle)
Giles Block (Davis)
Edwin Finn (Rant)
Helen Ford (landlady)
Cyril Renison (ticket collector)
Barbara Lott (Mrs Simpson)
Marian Diamond (Alice Simpson)
Will Stampe (station master)
John Crocker (porter)
Robert Hunter (carter)