Mystery and Imagination: Room 13 (1966)

UK, 22 October 1966
Series 2, episode 1
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Mystery and Imagination (1966-1970)

A British horror television episode directed by Patrick Dromgoole.

Plot Summary

A man is lodging at an inn while working on the papers of a local cathedral. He becomes aware that a mysterious room 13 appears in the inn at nights and his investigations uncover the terrible story of a man who tried to raise the devil in that very room.


Director: Patrick Dromgoole
ABC Television
Producer: Jonathan Alwyn
Written by: Evelyn Frazer
Based on the Story by: M.R. James
Script Editor: Terence Feely
Designer: Peter Le Page

Joss Ackland (Herr Scavenius)
David Buck (Richard Beckett)
David Battley (Klaus)
George Woodbridge (Herr Kristensen)
Tessa Wyatt (Gertrud)
Carl Bernard (Herr Jensen)
Margery Withers (Frau Mahler)