Mystery and Imagination: Casting the Runes (1968)

UK, 22 March
Series 3, episode 1
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Mystery and Imagination (1966-1970)

A British horror television episode directed by Alan Cooke.

Plot Summary

A man crosses the path of a black magician and Satanist who passes him an ancient rune, marking him for a hideous death from supernatural forces. The only hope he has is to pass the rune back without the warlock realising he's done it.


Director: Alan Cooke
ABC Television
Producer: Jonathan Alwyn
Script Editor: Brian Brooke
Written by: Evelyn Frazer
Based on the Story by: M.R. James
Designer: Michael Hall

John Fraser (Dunning)
Robert Eddison (Karswell)
Gordon Jackson (Gayton)
Michael Lees (Harrington)
Richard Huggett (Mason)
Basil Henson (Dr Ramsay)
Julie Wallace (Ellen)
Michael Rothwell (vicar)
Ronald Pember (conductor)
Neal Arden (driver)
Henry Kay (attendant)
John Barrett (coachman)
Robert Hunter (railwayman)