My Grandpa Is a Vampire (1992)

New Zealand, 1992
35mm film, colour
Dolby SR, English

A New Zealand horror film directed by David Blyth.

Plot Summary

An American teenager visits relatives in Auckland, New Zealand only to learn that his grandfather is a vampire.


Directed by: David Blyth
Tucker Production Company. New Zealand Film Commission
Produced by: Murray Newey
Associate Producers: Judith Trye, Brian Walden
Written by: Michael Heath
Director of Photography: Kevin Hayward
Editor: David Huggett
Sound MIxer: David Madigan
Costume Designer: Ngila Dickson
Special Effects Supervisor: Kevin Chisnall
Visual Effects: Roger Cowland
Production Designer: Kim Sinclair

Al Lewis (Vernon Cooger)
Justin Gocke (Lonny)
Milan Borich (Kanziora)
Pat Evison (Leah)
Noel Appleby (Ernie)
David Weatherley (Sergeant Dicky Ticker)
Sean Duffy (Derek)
Sylvia Rands (Cheryl)
Chris McNair (Ben)
Ian Watkin (Father Vincent)
Beryl Te Wiata (district nurse)
Alistair Douglas (ghost train owner)
Max Cryer (compere)
Louise Perry (Serena)
Rebekah Davies (Birgit)
Lyn Waldegrave (polka dot woman)
Ann Morris (Betty Gutsell)
Tina Grenville (Winona Ticker)
Robert Bruce (truckie)
Joel Tobeck (McDonalds cashier)

Alternative Titles

My Grandad’s a Vampire



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