Murderlust (1985)

USA, 1985
35mm film, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Donald Jones.

Plot Summary

To his church community, Steve Belmont is a handsome, devout and hard-working Christian, dedicated to his Sunday school teachings and to an adolescent crisis centre they are trying to establish. But unknown to them he’s secretly a serial killer who murders prostitutes and teenage runaways, disposing of their bodies in the Mojave Desert.


Directed by: Donald Jones
© [not given on screen]
Produced by: James Lane
Written by: James Lane
Photography: James Mattison
Edited by: Donald Jones
Music: James Lane
Sound: Stefan Hawk
Special Make Up Effects: Milton Hopper

Eli Rich (Steve [Belmont]
Rochelle Taylor (Cheryl
Dennis Gannon (Neil
Bonnie Schneider [real name: Bonnie Sikowitz] (Marene)
Lisa Nichols (Debbie
H. Burton Leary (Joe
Bill Walsh (Lymen
George J. Engelson
Dayna Quinn
Martha Lane [teenage girl victim]
Ashley St. Jon (blonde prostitute]
Linda Tucker-Smith
Simon Theolis [real name: Simon Teolis]
James Lane
Harvey Sprigg
Frank Gargani
Ray Simmons
Dan Farmer
David Kellner
Colleen Wilcher

Alternative Titles

Mass Murder – alternative title
Murhanhimo – Finland



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