Murder on the Campus (1933)

USA, 1933
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American mystery film with boderline horror elements directed by Richard Thorpe. Actress Jane Keckley is mis-credited as Tane Keckley in the credits.

Plot Summary

When several turn up dead at an American college, all apparently killed by the same person, Lillian Voyne finds herself under suspicion. With the help of her journalist boyfriend she sets out to expose the real killer.


Directed by: Richard Thorpe
Copyright MCMXXXIII [company not given]
Geo. R. Batcheller presents a Chesterfield picture
Continuity by: Andrew Moses
Story by: Whitman Chambers
Adapted from the novel The Campanile Murders
Assistant Director: Melville Shyer
Cinematographer: M.A. Andersen
Sound Engineer: Pete Clark
Art Director: Edward Jewell
Produced at: Universal City, California, USA

Shirley Grey (Lillian Voyne)
Charles Starrett (Bill Bartlett)
J. Farrell MacDonald (Captain Kyne)
Ruth Hall (Ann Michaels)
Dewey Robinson (Sergeant Lorrimer)
Maurice Black (Blackie Atwater)
Edward Van Sloan (C. Edson Hawley)
Tane Keckley [real name: Jane Keckley.[/mfn] (Hilda Lund)
Richard Catlett (Wilson)

Alternative Titles

On the Stroke of Nine – UK



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