Murder Elite (1985)

UK, 1985
35mm film, colour
stereo, English

A British borderline horror film directed by Claude Whatham.

Plot Summary

An English woman loses a fortune in America and returns home only to be stalked by a serial killer.


Directed by: Claude Whatham
Tyburn Entertainment
Executive Producer: Kevin Francis
Producer: Jeffrey Broom
Written by: N.J. Crisp
Stoy: Edward Abraham, Valerie Abraham
Director of Photography: Brendan J. Stafford
Editor: Eunice Mountjoy
Music: James Bernard
Sound Recordist: Danny Daniel
Costume Designer: Anthony Mendleson
Make-up: Roy Ashton
Hairdressers: Betty Sherriff, Mary Sturgess
Production Designer: Bert Davey

Ali MacGraw (Diane Baker)
Billie Whitelaw (Margaret Baker)
Hywel Bennett (Jimmy Fowler)
Ray Lonnen (Ron Price)
Garfield Morgan (Inspector Moss)
Don Henderson (Sergeant Jessop)
Dee Anderson (Sarah Lewis)
Stephen Riddle (police constable)
Julie Sullivan (female customer)
Alan Rowe (male customer)

Cast Gallery


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