Murder by Rope (1936)

UK, 1936
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by George Pearson.

Plot Summary

A man who was thought to be dead after being hanged appears to have returned from the dead to take his on the judges and executioners.


Director: George Pearson
British and Dominions Film Corporation
Producer: Anthony Havelock-Allan
Script: Ralph Neale
Director of Photography: Ernest Palmer
Studio: Shepperton Studios, England, UK

Guy Belmore (Simpson)
D.A. Clarke-Smith (Hanson)
Daphne Courtney (Flora)
Constance Godridge (Daphne Farrow)
Dorothy Hamilton (Mrs Mulcaire)
Philip Hewland (Judge Paxton)
Wilfrid Hyde-White (Alastair Dane)
Donald Read (Peter Paxton)
Sunday Wilshin (Lucille Davine)