Mr. Wrong (1984)

New Zealand, 1984
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A New Zealand horror film directed by Gaylene Preston.

Plot Summary

Meg buys an old Jaguar car but soon comes to suspect that it may be alive…


Directed by: Gaylene Preston
Preston-Laing Productions in association with The New Zealand Film Commission, Barclays New Zealand Limited
Produced by: Robin Laing
Co-producer: Gaylene Preston
Associate Producer: Don Reynolds
Written by: Geoff Murphy, Gaylene Preston, Graeme Tetley
Story: Elizabeth Jane Howard
Director of Photography: Thom Burstyn
Editor: Simon Reece
Music by: Jonathan Crayford
Sound Recordist: Ken Saville
Make-up and Hair: Marilyn McPherson
Special Effects: Matt Murphy
Art Director: Mike Becroft

Heather Bolton (Meg)
David Letch (the man)
Perry Piercy (Mary Carmichael)
Suzanne Lee (Val)
Margaret Umbers (Samantha)
Danny Mulheron (Wayne)
Gary Stalker (Bruce)
Michael Haigh (Mr Whitehorn)
Phillip Gordon (Clive)
Kate Harcourt (Meg’s mother)
Jan Fisher (Edith)
Meriol Buchanan (woman with dog)
Ross Jolly (neighbour)
Don Linke (Martin)
John Bullock (Meg’s father)
Jonathan Crayford (petrol pump attendant)
Rebecca Gibney (Clive’s secretary)
Lew Martin, Les Stone (Jag enthusiasts)
Frank Slobbe (tow truck driver)
Ken Saville (man in Jaguar)
Phillip Mills (man on bus)
Matty (Cherry)
Lee Hatherly, Hampson & Hiles (radio voices)

Alternative Titles

Dark of the Night
El enigma del Jaguar gris – Spain
Fahrt ins Grauen – West Germany
Jag – France
Väärä mies yön pimeydessä – Finland
Väärä mies – Finland

Cast Gallery


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