Mistress of the Apes (1979)

USA, 1979
35mm film, colour, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by Larry Buchanan. It was originally released on .

Plot Summary

A woman searching for her missing husband in Africa discovers a young jungle woman.


Directed by: Larry Buchanan
© MCMLXXIX [1979] CineWorld Corporation
Produced by: John F. Rickert
Associate Producers: Joe Price, John Curran
Written by: Larry Buchanan
UPM and First Asst. Director: John Curran
Script Supervisor: Kathy Zatarga
2nd Asst. Director: Thomas Keir
Director of Photography: Nicholas Josef von Sternberg
Camera Operator: Lowell Peterson
First Assistant: David Schmier
Second Assistant: David Boyd
Gaffer: Alan Caso
Key Grip: Robert George
Company Grips: Raymond Post, Jeff Buchanan
Special Lighting Consultant: Ron Batzorff
Colour Processing, Titles and Opticals: Getty Film Laboratories
Soundman: Norman Haughey
Rerecording: Scott Sound
Special Makeup by: Greg Cannom
Makeup Assistant: Rob Bottin
Camera Equipment: Jack Pill/Tech Camera

Jenny Neumann as Susan
Barbara Leigh 1Credited in the opening credits but not at the end]
Garth Pillsbury (Paul Cory)
Walt Robin (David)
Stuart Lancaster )Brady)
Barry Buchanan (first cop)
Blayne Dennis (second cop)
Dale Kalberg (nurse)
Raymond Vellucci (junkie)
Burr Middleton (doctor)
Suzy Mandel (secretary)
Mark Rhudy (Matthews)
Stuart Lancaster (Brady)
Marius Mazmanian (Sikes)

The Bantus
George Travis (chief)
Paula Sills, Angela De Joseph, Sandra Kaye (maidens)

Ric Drasin, Dennis Gable, Frank Martone, Vince Torrente, Joseph Leo Sexton (Homo Habilis… the Near Men)
Maida Belove (the “Near Woman”)
Dale Park (special performance as gorilla savage)

Alternative Titles

Dianne – Herrin des Dschungels
Maîtresse des singes – France



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