Misteri janda kembang (1991)

Indonesia, 1991

An Indonesian horror film directed by H. Tjut Djalil.

Plot Summary

Asih is gang raped and years later her new husband divorces her for not being a virgin. She kills herself and her grief-stricken parents seek help from out a shaman who invokes her spirit to help her take revenge on her rapists.


Directed by: H. Tjut Djalil
PT Soraya Intercine Film
Produced by: Ram Soraya
Written by: Tjut Djalil
Story: Tim PT Soraya Intercine Film
Director of Photography: Max J. Pakasi
Editor: Muryadi
Art Director: St Taslim

Sally Marcella (Asih)
Erry Farid
Teddy Frangi Suluri (Pandu)
H.I.M. Damsyik
Emri Margono
Simon P.S.

Kembalinya si janda kembang (1992)