Mission Top Secret: The Golden Voice (1995)

Australia, 31 July
colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Mission Top Secret (1993-1995) – series 2, episode 3

An Australian science fiction television episode directed by Howard Rubie.

Plot Summary

In a castle in Spain, Neville Savage has stolen Sir Joshua's Duplivox Mark VII, a device that allows one person's voice to be perfectly transferred to another and the Centauri team need to get it back.


Directed by: Howard Rubie
Grundy Television Australia
Produced by: Roger Mirams
Written by: David Phillips, Dave Worthington
Director of Photography: David Burr, Antonio Sáiz Palazón
Editor: Tony Kavanagh
Music by: Ian Davidson, Mike Harvey
Sound Mixer: Dino Giacomin

John Allen (Henry)
Santiago Alvarez (Alfonso)
Simón Andreu (Carlos)
Valentino Arico (Raul)
Roy Billing (Superintendent Burke)
Shane Briant (Neville Savage)
Liz Burch (Mrs. Fowler)
José María Caffarel (Alcalde)
Jamie Croft (David Fowler)
Emma Jane Fowler (Sandy Weston)
Ric Herbert (Weasel)
Lauren Hewett (Kat Fowler)
Ana Hurtado (Consuela)
Rossi Kotsis (Spike Baxter)
Angelina Llongueras (Sra. Rodríguez)
Frederick Parslow (Sir Joshua Cranberry)
Patricia Patilla (Carmen)
Gisa Probst (Gisela)
Anna Grace Reichard (Susie)
Henning Schlüter (Kommissar Hoffmeier)