Mindkiller (1987)

USA, 1987
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Michael Krueger.

Plot Summary

Warren, a lonely library archivist, reads a book on mind control and finds he can use it to force his will on those around him. But in doing so, he slowly transforms into a hideous monster.


Directed by: Michael Krueger
© 1987 Flash Features Corp, Denver, Colorado. A subsidiary of First Films, Inc.
Prism Entertainment and Flash Features present a Muchael Krueger film
Executive Producer: A.B. Goldberg
Produced by: Sarah H. Liles
Co-producer: Doug Olson
Associate Producer: John Fitzgerald
Screenplay by: Dave Sipos, Curtis Hannum, Michael Krueger
Additional Material by: Doug Olson
Story by: Michael Krueger, Doug Olson
Additional Story Material by: Ted A. Bohus
Director of Photography: Jim Kelley
Edited by: Jonathan Moser
Music by: Jeffrey Wood
Production Sound Mixer: Bob Abbott
Make Up Consultants: Judith Scheurwater, Sharon Brunn
Special Make-Up Effects: Vincent J. Guardini
Special Effects Supervisor: Ted A. Bohus
Special Visual Effects: Vincent J. Guardini, Patrick Denver
Art Director: Susan Macdonald-Petersen
Filmed entirely on location in Denver, Colorado

Joe McDonald (Warren)
Christopher Wade (Larry)
Shirley Ross (Sandy)
Kevin Hart (Brad)
Tom Henry (Vivac Chandra)
Diana Calhoun (Mrs Chandra)
George Flynn (Townsend)
Crystel Niedle (Connie)
Edd Nichols (Mr Suave)
Dawn Jacobs (Louise)
Sharlene Wanger (nurse)
Rebecca Toma (Tori)
Kelly Holsopple (blonde)
Lisa Prawel (brunette)
Sarah H. Liles (drunk woman)
Cheryl Hyde (woman at bar)
Kimio Wheaton (boyfriend at bar)
Norvell Rose ([voice of] football announcer)

Alternative Titles

The Brain Creatures – USA (video)
Mente asesina – Spain
Mind Killer – Ireland (video), USA (video)
Mind Killer – Halb Alien, Halb Mensch – West German (video)



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